1. I'm in the EU. My supermarket still has almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, etc...

  2. Which EU country are you in? Here in Germany, they're all called "Drink", "Getränk" or something like that on the actual products. The producers would get sued if they didn't do that. Colloquially, most people still call them milk though.

  3. There's some conflicting information on this. This article appears to say they rejected the amendment

  4. The directive governing this is older than the amendment and still in effect. The amendment that was rejected only applied to wordings such "creamy", "buttery" etc.

  5. Just pondering over Rousseau's theory on the human condition. Is man truly good by nature?

  6. May I say, Ambassador, that with this historic redrafting of the European borders, you are really spoiling us.

  7. In Germany it would me Mrs. not Miss. The "Fräulein" has gone extinct decades ago.

  8. In Germany most teachers aren't knights, so we don't call them "Sir" but "Mr. surname".

  9. "Mrs" implies that a woman is married and has taken on her husband's name. "Ms" (pronounced /ˈmɪz/) is a better translation of Frau because it doesn't imply marital status like "Miss" or "Mrs".

  10. There's some strange interference whenever birds fly by the window. Ekkekekekekekekekek

  11. Same. If you want to drink out of the bottle, just turn the cap to the side and it won't touch your face. Actually, you don't even have to turn the cap. You can just turn the bottle because the cap will move with it. Are people really too dumb to get that?

  12. Nah still hate them, I don't want to get my fingers close to the opening I drink from when I'm out and about

  13. I'm not even sure I understand what you mean. Once you open the bottle and bend the cap down, it will stay down. There's no need to hold it down.

  14. I took German one year in high school and lets say that both my German teacher and me were happy when that year was over.

  15. "Wie viel", nicht "wieviel". So neu ist die neue Rechtschreibung jetzt auch nicht mehr. 1996 war nicht gerade gestern. Wieso schreibt das immer noch fast jeder renitent falsch?

  16. Weil Flüsse kostenlose, wartungsfreie und stets vorhandene Infrastruktur sind? Ein Punkt den die Menschheit vor 5000 Jahren bereits erkannt hatte?

  17. Als Service für diejenigen, die sich das Video auch nicht anschauen möchten, hier der echte Grund:

  18. Forgot about them. Weren’t they briefly part or the Netherlands at some point?

  19. Not the city of Kleve itself, but large parts of the modern German district of Kleve used to be part of the Duchy of Guelders, including the eponymous town of Geldern.

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