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  1. Unprovoked attack on someone sitting on a bench. I can’t process this.

  2. Dude the writing is on the wall. If you have to make 4 edits defending this emotionally immature self cantered person who has no investment in your well being, you should know better by now.

  3. Very. Surprised more people didn’t say it.. I was clinching the whole time

  4. I got a semi 60 cm tall one for 30 bucks from Costco. It is such a happy and healthy plant that has tripled in size over a year. I gotta start charging it rent how much sqrt it’s taken up.

  5. That poor child.. she is going to deal with severe attachment disorder. OP, do the right thing and leave them if there is no part of you who sees a way to change your perspective. You deserve to be happy, and that child deserves to grow up knowing she is wanted, she is unconditionally loved and unconditionally matters.

  6. Is there a way to circumvent the law by classifying her as something other than a pet? Emotional support companion? I'm sure you've thought of everything but just wanted to flag it if not. I hope she can find as good of a home as you have provided if she's unable to come with you.

  7. I really freaking hope there is another option. She is family!

  8. No, had to pay. I couldn’t prove either way and they didn’t budge the slightest

  9. I'm not sure if this applies to birds of prey as it does to parrots, but they probably shouldn't be stroking and petting this bird all over unless they're trying to collect a semen sample, lol. Pets on the head are friendly -- anywhere else is restricted to their mate.

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