1. Wow- so nice of you to give those away!! Kudos to DG fans helping each other out! Take some pics or vids (if it won’t detract from your experience of the show) and post some for the rest of us if you think of it

  2. I absolutely will. I got some good shots last night. My wife and I ended up upgrading to box seats last minute and we didn’t want the original tickets to go to waste. Was really glad someone got to use them.

  3. Between Sob Rock Boston nights one and two we got all of those except Vultures, Moving On, CIR, and In Repair. Not bad!

  4. Break for it tour debut was May 11. The other two you are so damn lucky!! I love OH!

  5. You’re right. It must have been a typo thing on Setlist.FM, it was showing with a single play earlier but it’s actually been played a bunch this tour. Solid tune either way!

  6. And setlist usu has errors for a least a month after the show lol I use antsmarching dmbalmanac or The app DMB HUB for the gospel of DMB ☺️

  7. You can always search for him on the website setlist.fm for any future set lists too.

  8. Novelty choice - Wonderland with that wild solo from Sharkey.

  9. Wild Blue, EoD, If I Ever Get Around to Living, Slow Dancing, Til the Right One Comes, and Gravity all in a row has to be the best run of songs possible

  10. He said coming out of the acoustic break something to the effect of “this might be the best second half of the tour”.

  11. Back of the floor tonight, row 10 tomorrow! 20 years of fandom and first times seeing him. Can’t wait!

  12. I miss the BLK1 too. The SS pickup is modeled after his ‘63. I wonder why not the BLK1 since it has “the 4th position pickup from heaven”

  13. There could definitely be, and probably are, several explanations for this but the pickups were changed on the Silver Sky between 2019 and now to make them lower output and less trebly.

  14. Snow Peak x New balance boot. They have almost too many fabric technologies making them the ultimate shitkicker for my needs

  15. I checked these out based on your suggestion, was able to find a pair in the gray colorway at a discount, and they just arrived today. Love them. Thanks for the recommendation!

  16. One of my favorites. I’d lose it if we got it for either of the Boston nights.

  17. I’ll give an example, you would rather have free fallin and IYA, as opposed to a come back to bed, and on the way home appearance?

  18. I hear you, mostly teasing. I’m honestly not even the biggest on Free Falling but I’m a huge fan of IYA and would take that on the set list over most tunes. I would happily exchange it evenly with another deep cut though. Would love to get Only Heart, Wheel, among others.

  19. I know there can be some recency bias, but which one are you feeling as your preference right now?

  20. I had one but found out my American Vintage '59 was a much better instrument millions of light-years away in terms of build quality and both were the same price; sold the JM sig immediately. That's just about quality. In terms of specs, with all the bubbles that John Mayer fans create around gear, you are incredibly much better off with a regular Silver Sky or American Original 60s (99,9% similar necks) if you want the Fender headstock.

  21. I hear you, fair enough. I actually have a CS Strat and a core Silver Sky as my two electrics, both of which I love. But of course the Mayer fan in me wondered if his Fender sig/s had any magic to them. I generally trust the Silver Sky being his current creation and PRS’s QC would mean it’s the superior option but the grass is always greener!

  22. After searching for several years without even finding a for sale listing I finally got my hands on one of the Bape x Dunlop picks. I’m ecstatic, can’t believe I found one after so long. Now to find a set of the KAWS picks!

  23. Not a set but here’s a Kaws pick from the battle studies tour.

  24. Thank you! I actually have that one, I think that one in particular was used on the BS tour/thrown into crowds, and it pops up pretty regularly. There were a few others with various KAWS cartoons on them that I believe sold as a set including the black one that don’t surface very often.

  25. I was rewatching clips I took, and they’re shown on the big screen during his New Light encore

  26. Those look tassel-y and slip on. Could be a Visvim item, which he wears a lot of.

  27. It was interesting to see in one of those pre-fame videos from Atlanta that were recently uploaded that he’s been doing that interlude for over twenty years now.

  28. I’m going Belief. Ideal mixture of his blues meets singer-songwriter dynamic. Poetic, singable lyrics with great guitar work. Something so agreeable and accessible about the guitar lines. I often go right to it if I’m warming up or trying out a new guitar.

  29. There are a variety of different Pocket Operators, each doing a different thing. Like the PO-14 is a bass line synth, the PO-33 is a sampler. They can be used individually or chained and used together. There are some releases that have the same function as previous ones but had an aesthetic change like the PO-133 which is the PO-33 but with default samples from Street Fighter and different screen animations. The “PO Boy” is just an aftermarket case that you can use on any of the PO’s. The link below will describe all the core models.

  30. I may have misread the post. I just want that song to be studio recorded 🤞

  31. Gotcha. I’m a big fan of the song as it currently exists. I’m not sure what additional production would add to it but it would certainly be interesting to hear.

  32. Hey! I updated the flairs on all the old post. Added: hats, sweatpants, sweatshirts, outerwear filters. Not sure a better record of pieces exist for the past 2 years outside of this sub.

  33. Thanks for going to that effort! Much appreciated.

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