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  1. No, that’s far too high tech for Niantic

  2. according to Wikipedia, there are 800 people working for niantec. care to guess how many people are actual developers?

  3. To be fair gorillas hate being shot

  4. Funny cuz Australian food is largely a mix of a bunch of cultures. But for true Aussie food you can’t go wrong with a steak burger or meat pie.

  5. To be fair, it only happened about 3 minutes ago. The upvotes will sort themselves out by the morning, lol

  6. i just got it 2 mins ago. given how big airbnb's user base must be. its going to take a while for the wave of joy washes over everyone here

  7. the moment i saw that notification, i knew this sub would have a field day on it. it is just physically impossible for this sub to restrain from memeing the shit out it

  8. this is why i have trust issues! i was told cops can't lie!

  9. true that. its not worth the risk of getting deported over a couple thousand bucks. the risk reward here is not proportional.

  10. Immigration isn't a part of the government you want to mess with. All of their fines are big, they don't do small ones as they are used to chasing down bad companies and human trafficking outfits.

  11. thanks for the input. im suggesting Lee to take on cash jobs now. desperate people does stupid things, so when all they see is a nice $34/hr, its hard to persuade them to take a safer option. wish me luck

  12. ur learning. Now go outside and yell "freedome" or shoot something. Your choice.

  13. go outside and shoot something thats yelling 'freedom'. got it

  14. when i lived in an apartment building years back, someone parked it my allocated parking spot. I door knocked the entire building of 24 apartments until i found the driver, who happened to be hosting a dinner party at the time and told him to move his car immediately and not use my car space again. He went and moved the car and i made his dinner party awkward. It was great.

  15. thats the level of pettiness i wish i could pass down to my child.

  16. No. There is no need to worry. Keep watching American football. Also unrelated, does anyone know anything about launch codes?

  17. it was a joke and there is no evidence to support its existence other than some hyper patriotic chinese posting shit thinking their country is being attacked.

  18. Just rocks or debris from the road stuck on his knee I believe.

  19. i want to believe this more than any other theories

  20. I don’t mind the occasional invasion.

  21. i like the idea of an internal timer for being invaded. maybe a sliding bar in settings going from never, occasional, frequent, and open

  22. Thank you. I don’t feel very well today and you made me laugh ❤️

  23. I don't know the veracity of the video, but most of the flight was in daylight according to flightradar. It took a few hours, this *could* be when she was close to Indonesia / Phillipines, when it was daytime.

  24. its a video from Sept. 25, 2020, and shows a biennial U.S. military training exercise in the Philippine Sea.

  25. Just keep an empty can on you at all times

  26. This might be the first time he's ever had to face consequences of his own actions.

  27. he had an encounter with the law before for selling drugs. apparently some people just dont learn

  28. imagine being told to back off by somebody on a segway. you just tap on their shoulder ever so slightly and they just slowly rolls away uncontrollably.

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