1. I’m seeing Tegan and Sara later this summer and I really hope they play this lol

  2. My toxic trait is thinking I’ll wake up one day at 46 and look half as good as Jessica does

  3. Writing storylines for them is what makes the characters though. That’s what moves them forward, makes them interesting, develops them, etc. Without good storylines, they’re stagnant, and not compelling or interesting. I’d argue that for most of these, if people like them, it’s largely due to the actor

  4. I would literally rather drive in LA than here. No one has any kind of awareness of anything or anyone around them

  5. Yeah I don’t understand the people claiming that an accusation like that could hurt Nicole’s business. Any potential clients that are uptight enough to care if someone does some recreational drugs in their off time wouldn’t even be considering working with a reality tv girl in the first place lol

  6. A lot of times these kind of ads will use someone’s name or picture without them knowing. She may not even know this exists, much less be getting paid for it

  7. Aren’t there drugs that make people freakishly strong while they’re high? Nicole would win

  8. Not legally wed, give it until season 8. She does a new relationship every season now.

  9. Chrishell haters are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for random shit to trash her for lol

  10. I can’t see Bre or Emma dealing with his manchild bullshit lol

  11. You can’t see Bre dealing with “manchild bullshit” ? Nick Cannon Bre?

  12. Idk I thought she seemed really done with Nick’s shit. The way she’d always get all defensive whenever anyone said anything about it seemed like she was trying to convince herself more than anyone else that she was fine with it when she wasn’t

  13. She was painfully thin for awhile. She’s obviously still thin, but she looks so much healthier and more comfortable now

  14. The distance might also be the distance between their ages lmfao, all these comments are too good

  15. This was my thought too haha. 20 years is a lot of distance

  16. Nicole too. Those two are supposed to be Mary’s oldest/closest friends and they’re just sitting there looking annoyed while Mary’s having a breakdown

  17. I love the random stuff people were in before they were famous. Her

  18. I don’t think the issue is the number so much as that they’re all employees

  19. Is there a point to making a whole post about a commercial that’s been on for years, just to try to say she has bad skin?

  20. I’ve been around off and on since debut (I even met her back then!). I never really followed the eras much, I don’t know all the lore, and there’s plenty of songs I don’t remember. Consume the content you want, and don’t feel bad about ignoring the stuff you don’t like or don’t care much about. Life’s too short to stress out about what’s supposed to be entertainment

  21. Do you have a reading deficiency? I LITERALLY said that it’s not disrespect, but that it’s satisfying to see someone shut her down. It’s my opinion, not yours.

  22. If you can’t handle differing opinions without resorting to personal attacks, maybe the internet isn’t for you. Jfc touch some grass lmao

  23. I worked at a small firm and hated it but I’m pretty sure everything I hated would have been 10x worse at a big firm

  24. Keri Russell should show up as Nick’s ex gf from college

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