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  1. No we won't get Selec 5, the TCG doesn't get most side sets from the OCG since it has it's own, the only ones we get from the OCG are the deck build packs.

  2. We are laughing now, but watch him becoming the next elon musk

  3. My money is on Ei not gonna lie, Kaslanas are build differently if it comes to bad cooking.

  4. Raiden: Wait.. You're actually eating it?

  5. Idk what any of those mean, but yes.

  6. That's gonna be the next WWE stunt.

  7. Held der Steine be like: Bist du komplett bedeppert? Dat Ding is Lackgesoffen teuer. Und hast du das innere gesehen? Dat Ding hat ne Farbseuche man könnte denken da hat ein Einhorn reingekotzt!

  8. I thought that Waluigi would do his Wa, I'm disapointed.

  9. "Get up you wiener or I sit on you", ehm what wiener are you talking with Senti? 🤨

  10. Yeah, but I think the meta isn’t the only thing to take into account here. I was thinking about how it would effect everything, including casual play.

  11. Zeus and Apollousa would become much worse. And BA and Drytron would take a huge hit since they couldn't use multiple dante/benten.

  12. True, but I thought that OP not only thought about soft once per turns, but also cards which have no once per turns at all.

  13. More pendulum support, for decks like Qliphort, Zefra or Pendulum Magicians would be nice.

  14. I honestly doubt we're getting much Pendulum support this set since they did that stuff in DIFO. But yes I'd LOVE for some new BA support or ESPECIALLY Tellars and Infernoids. Nekroz feels pretty playable and fun at the moment, but I won't complain seeing that stuff too.

  15. I mean we got the dracoslayers in DABL, so nothing is impossible.

  16. I personally wouldn't even show them "Because of you" because of the confusion it could create, this short in general doesn't leave as much of an impact on you if you don't know the flame chasers.

  17. Either Will of the Herscher or Cyberangel. Those are the only ones which don't really spoiler you, have great music/animations and it still has an impact on you even if you don't know the characters.

  18. So seeing that Ptolemaeus is unbanned now, whats the outlook on Tellarknights vs Tearlaments? I know its probably not tiered or anything but Ptolemaeus goes into Constellar Diamond which stops all Deck to GY milling and banishes anything going from GY to hand. And it has a non-OPT negate against DARK monster effects.

  19. Tellerknights is really outdated, aslong as this deck hasn't new support it's not going to do anything.

  20. Fair. How about sticking Ptolemaeus in a more modern Level 4 deck since it only needs Level 4s?

  21. There's no reason for any deck except tellerknights to play it, since dweller exists.

  22. Mei: gets flashbacks of "Aponias Realm".

  23. Not even Void Archives knows how this came to life.

  24. Disputant in the context of ER probably means someone contending for the Elden Throne. If the threat is the titular “Bane of Disputant”, I wouldn’t be surprised if we are the disputant they’re up against. It could take place after the normal ER ending, but that seems very unlikely with how they do things. My other guess is it’s during the Shattering with all the different demigods contending for control. Not getting my hopes high for it being a real leak, but speculation is fun

  25. Time to get the torches and pitchforks.

  26. Don’t ishiku milk and dragon rulers benefit from having their small dragons in the gy?

  27. Yeah, but how do you get the guys which mill into the gy? In order to mill you have to send the agido/kelbek to gy with a card effect.

  28. "reason I said ishizu is because I feel ishizu would make dragon rulers tier 1 or higher too", It would be the exact opposite. The Ishizu cards make it much harder for the rulers to play since they can just shuffle them back which prevents alot of plays.

  29. Buy 3 and you literally have a HAT format deck

  30. The only thing we're missing is scythe. lol

  31. The card is great, it not only makes rank 4 plays, but also link climbing much easier.

  32. Here in the TCG it didn't change anything. Some people just played it alongside gryphon rider, in MD it will probably be the same.

  33. Maybe they're from the dark age 🤔

  34. She becomes smaller after every ressurection

  35. Can't she grow back after a few years? I thought that she just becomes younger after every resurection. Or is the change permanent?

  36. You're not going to find any ritual deck right now that can compete. The best bet is probably Drytron but it is a combo deck and doesn't compare to Ishizu Tear.

  37. Drytron is dead now that we have cycle readers on crack.

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