1. It's Shelby Township. Even if you live a mile away, the location is "remote" because it will take you 2 hours to get there.

  2. Haha came here to say this basically. Remote bc in the middle of Michigan!

  3. More like in the middle of white flight suburban gridlock

  4. How many times do they paint it, like once a season or every time they play?

  5. This is incorrect, there’s rubber pads that go over the ice during other events. The ice goes in once at the beginning of the season and stays there until the team for whom it’s there for, is eliminated.

  6. That’s correct. 20 tonnes. I can’t believe that all 10 tonnes will be destroyed though.

  7. I hear they are having difficulty destroying all 5 tonnes that were seized

  8. I did a split screen view of your image alongside an image of countries who have staked a territorial claim on Antarctica, and... Let's just say a few of the claimants are going to be pretty saddened. Haha

  9. Thought there was a treaty that no country could lay claim to Antarctica

  10. Pity the foo who makes me drink with coworkers

  11. Oh boy, here we go. I remember reading just a month or two ago that there was a heightened alert that this could happen soon. Hoping nobody ends up losing their homes, or worse, their lives.

  12. Prediction accuracy has increased since 1984.

  13. Same here. But a kid down the street killed a girl and chopped her head off and put it in his freezer. So things really haven't changed.

  14. But was his freezer in the garage?

  15. What major part of the US Government has ever successfully passed a audit?

  16. That’s 100% a bullet hole. Someone was doing target practice. If I had to guess based on the patina, it was probably shot back when these were still in circulation and thus not very valuable.

  17. Kevin Smith was like, yeah.... I'll pay for 2. Sorry everyone.

  18. Yeah.. absolutely too large for one economy seat. This should not be on the news

  19. Plus sized influencer? She's influencing me to do some jumping jacks. Yeesh

  20. All my CC are due on the 26th but one… which is the 25th. Most months I pay early but occasionally I’ll be on vacation or something comes up and it slips my mind.

  21. Ask them to change it to the 26th

  22. LPT: avoid the hassle of getting out of late fees by paying your bills on time

  23. Sorry. Voice to text didn’t properly dictate background

  24. dude - you were a little pushy but backed down. Forgive yourself - you didn't rape her or even try.

  25. No shit. She probably totally forgot all about it.

  26. Or, you know, move along and find a different spot

  27. We had a different term before then

  28. It’s amazing people accepted no harnesses and it raining the occasional workman until someone thought “We should probably enact safety regulation as standard”

  29. You have to understand the 1930s masculine blue collar mentality

  30. The frost is from the ones that have lost their granules. The ones that look kind of clean are the good ones.

  31. Thanks for the heads up... No pun

  32. Because those 2 gas Giants wouldn't totally crash into each other due to gravity

  33. Restaurant Depot for example.

  34. You have to add a payment method to your Tesla account for this feature

  35. That is airglow outlining our atmosphere, which is similar to auroras but has a different excitement mechanism.

  36. I'm always amazed at how "thin" the atmosphere appears to be.

  37. Thankfully there are many layers, some more visible than others, to protect our planet.

  38. There's still some atmosphere in LEO, no?

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