Ask him about foxes [OC]

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  1. Nah, they're just always moving forward, but not forgetting who they are. Ie; Saturday at the end of every concert.

  2. Apologize for grammer/misspellings. using my phone to respond.

  3. Hey. Thanks for putting it out quick. Too many people take an attack as a reason for abuse, and it's never deserved. So thanks, you absolutely did the right thing.

  4. All I can think of with that necklace is Panic! at the Disco.

  5. One N FAORY, coming up, sir or ma'am!

  6. Could you give a hint please? I've been looking for a while now :)

  7. Amogus and Peppa kill cartoon cat in Baldi school GONNE WRONGE!!!

  8. What in the ever loving Lord above?

  9. Photoshop also works well for that, I've done that exact thing before.

  10. Yeah but my school doesn't have photoshop... I just photocopied it and covered its face lol...

  11. Nu, they eat fox apples. It makes up a large portion of their diet

  12. Bishops knife trick because Alien is of if my all time favourites and as any of us with ASD/ADHD can tell you the reference is the closest you can get to depicting burnout!

  13. What Michael Jordan reference? Also is it 'they forgot to label fragile' or 'made for God to label fragile'?

  14. "I'm supposed to leave you at the end of the season but I'll stay" (also I'm not American and I don't sport but I believe he was once supposed to leave but he stayed for another season)

  15. Thanks. That means me: 1 google: 0

  16. I don’t even know what I’m looking at

  17. Depends on whether or not they're being assholes.

  18. If it was about the music I would have said nothing but he was getting super personal and rude about Andy and I snapped.... Which is weird given I don't know the man and have only ever met him once but like if you don't like a bands music just don't listen, don't attack them personally with shit rumours you can't be verified and even if they could it would make ZERO difference because I can't see any FOB fan giving a s**t about his sexuality. It's done now and he's blocked... Some people are morons!

  19. What was he even saying? I haven't heard anything with Andy.

  20. E would be lowish, "I don't sport"

  21. Not really disliking, but I had little opinion on Take This To Your Grave and then I listened again and it's verified gold.

  22. fourth of july pretty much has a confirmed meaning about another pop punk superstar from 2005, more specifically relating to warped tour

  23. Printer ink is more expensive than human blood.

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