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  1. My birthday is also next week so I feel you on wanting to celebrate in the most post COVID way! Be prepared for long lines and cover charges because that weekend is when “everyone is Irish”. Whatever you do - be safe!

  2. Thank you! You be safe too and i hope you have a fab birthday!!

  3. There’s a Dropkick Murphy’s concert on St Patty’s day and I can’t think of anything more Boston than that.

  4. Ooh def gonna check that out!! Thank you :)

  5. I’m bisexual and would say im about a 7-8 on the femme scale but more of of an edgy, colorful femme. I always feel like I come off as not queer enough or too straight looking and it’s so frustrating, I feel like the only time someone gives me the time is on a dating app because I can explicitly say I’m bi.

  6. Best friends for 10 years, never fought, realized our deep feelings for each other and had sex once. Mutually chose not to ruin our friendship with dating, but he was unable to maintain our friendship and after a couple of chances to be a better friend to me, eventually blamed me for relationship problems that I had no involvement with. After that I was done and ended our friendship, took me a long time to grieve it as I got no real closure. He is still in my life as his parents are close family friends and he is best friends with my brother, but we no longer have anything more than civility.

  7. Black beans can make a really yummy cream soup that you could put on rice, tacos, and its delicious by itself too. You just make the beans, add whatever spices and seasoning you would like, and put it into a blender or food processor (I use a nutri-bullet and it doesn’t work the best for it), add water and blend it until it gets a nice smooth, creamy consistency, and you are done!! Also great for a bean dip :)

  8. My roommate and I will put on our favorite just dance videos on youtube and just go hard for an hour or two, we have so much fun and get a great workout in. Also don’t have the money for it yet but desk treadmills are really good for this, there’s one on amazon that you can put under your desk or have it standalone with it’s own desk attached

  9. You’re gorgeous! Interested in a 21F sugar baby?

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