Hurricane Ian - what 15 fr storm surge looks like (credit to Max Olson Chasing)

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The number of Russians fleeing the country to evade Putin's draft is bigger than the original invasion force, UK intel says

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  1. Why did I waste my time watching that?

  2. Bite? I thought y’all were just snaggin’ ‘em.

  3. I don't know. If that's storm surge, then it's salt water. The corrosion will be the end of that truck.

  4. Something tells me they have a way to spray the salt away from the trucks. Lol

  5. They're have to dismantle the fucker to get to all the places where saltwater has gotten into all the mechanical bits.

  6. And I predict lengthy prison sentences for the violent morons.

  7. Imagine you have to pay one of two people: Lawyers, to fight a claim, at hundreds of dollars an hour, for weeks on end, or roofers - who are often immigrants and paid illegally below minimum wage, and can throw up a roof in 12 hours. You'd be better off paying the last one two or three times over than the first one. So you settle for twice the cost of the roof rather than pay your lawyers to fight the charge, knowing with how poor the laws are, you might not succeed even if you fight.

  8. That seems extraordinary short-sighted. Everyone knows that if you pay scammers, then they will be back for more and more. Leave it to insurance companies to cry “scam!” as they themselves facilitate the scam. Either it’s a real problem, or it isn’t. But they really shouldn’t expect the rest of us to fix it if they can’t be bothered.

  9. He’s still mad that nobody showed up for that Pompeii gig.

  10. yea, and the US was in Afghanistan and Iraq for 10 years. Simple presence doesn't mean shit

  11. Well Roman “presence” in Britannia definitely “meant shit.” The Anglo-Saxons spent the next 500 years emulating them and desperately trying to recapture the lost civilization of Roman Britain.

  12. I'm just glad I bought my new clothes dryer last week. I imagine prices will go up as the ones destroyed by Ian get replaced.

  13. Hopefully he keeps an axe in the attic. After Katrina I’ll never not have one up there.

  14. I seriously can't even imagine kneeling on joists in the dark while trying to swing an axe upwards through layers of exterior-grade plywood and roofing.

  15. We're gonna need a bigger prison system.

  16. Remember during the Iraq war like, 60 percent of the United States believed that Iraq had WMDs, the other 40 percent new it was a sham war and didn't do anything about other than gripe?

  17. I was marching in the streets.

  18. So many lives disrupted. Putin must be rather unpopular right now.

  19. Stolen Valor loser will probably still get elected

  20. I don't think so. This guys is clearly a joke.

  21. The GOP isn't going to stand for anyone trying to take away one of Big Pharma's profitable extortion rackets.

  22. Ask all you want. He ain't saying nuttin

  23. In this case, saying nothing is saying something, loud and clear.

  24. gays : Republicans :: Jews : Nazis

  25. They shouldn't forget that they would also need to use force to keep the rest of us from using the courts uphold the rule of law.

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