Remastered 9/11 Footage (Most intense clips)

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  1. I mean you can get that right here. There are quite a few vets, myself included. The thing is we all had different experiences depending on your branch and duties. I am what some would call a fobbit. I never left my base or FOB. The combat vets and those who had convoy duty had the worse shit to deal with. But all in all here is my experience and opinions. Sorry this is going to be a long post.

  2. Such a great write up thank you. And thank you for the reference to Popeyes workers bless their hearts. Sounds like you were profoundly affected and we are right there with you.

  3. I'm in the uk so about 6hrs ahead had just got home to see that the 1st one had hit already. I remember thinking it must have been a terrible accident, then saw the 2nd one hit live and just knew it wasn't

  4. We knew from the first that it wasn’t an accident. Played too many flight simulators.

  5. Lots of weird misogyny in this thread blaming Jolie for Pitt’s behavior. There is a reason all of her adult children are on her side and no longer talk to Pitt. He was allegedly abusive and an alcoholic.

  6. She was on heroin. It was known in the industry. Might have straightened out as a mom but still. She was an addict.

  7. Yep. Like I said, mother of the year.

  8. Gotta say this far and wide and often. The Every other weekend screw job has gone away. Paying lawyers to fight for custody is silly. Courts favoring shared parenting. But wow the people in the system still project the old way of thinking of all of dads are deadbeat dads eh?

  9. Came here to say this. This is their "thing". Super dramatic, end of the world, fire and brimstone. Southern Baptists and Christians are extra all the time. Just ignore them and your life will be better for it.

  10. Why is video moving/shaking so much clearly this is a large object and there is no reason not to keep it in frame. When you slide it faster the movement is evident. However the trees are no longer in the frame so we cannot confirm that the movement is simply the clouds moving in the foreground. So. I’m calling this fake.

  11. Always feel for the ones that have been working there for years.

  12. Was anyone really surprised by Peloton? It's home exercise equipment people! You know, the kind that gets turned into an expensive clothes drying rack after a month.

  13. We still use a non peloton bike daily. Went with quality over subscription hype. I occasionally hang a shirt on it.

  14. Boat looks a bit old so not a huge loss. Truck though ouch.

  15. Where’s the power cable? I would think mesh networking would burn through the power cells.

  16. Thank god all the land is private in Texas. No public land to deface!

  17. Looks so retro. They all seem to scale to a certain size.

  18. Yes, absolutely all of this. I travel alone most of the time. Getting gas at Buckys and going to the bathroom adds an entire unnecessary 30 minutes to my trip.

  19. Serious road trippers avoid such a crqzy long stop.

  20. Someday all of this will be transported underground. All according to plan.

  21. Use Google maps and fish the cemetery ponds at night for monster bass. Red led flashlights or better yet no lights. Go late and plan to do some walking. Don’t leave any trash. (Better yet join a local fishing club.)

  22. Dude how are you from New York and you don’t know just basic “how to occupy space in an American city” lol

  23. Yes and how did they not research a bit before landing in that area. You can live downtown without being right in the hot zone. If I moved to NY I’d do some basic research first.

  24. I love this! So many men are afraid to hold babies and he dives right in! And he’s creative too! Lucky kids!!

  25. Dang that is the coolest thing ever. You could keep your wine and cheese down there.

  26. You should have seen the food scene 20 years ago.

  27. Hate to hate on the people that struggle but dammit the insurance is high because of all the paper plates.

  28. Please don’t give them the complete roadmap to create more knuckleheads.

  29. I lived in Northside. That’s a whole different side of Cincinnati.

  30. Lots of different vibes in all suburban areas of the city. Liberty to mason to Loveland to Fairfield. Similar but each unique. Northern ky has the same thing going on.

  31. Kind of funny that their robotic warehouse returns to SA almost to the day last week. Wouldn’t pay employees 29 years ago so instead bring an automated warehouse and a bunch of self employed delivery drivers not getting benefits. Kroger can suck my cucumber.

  32. Kroger has nothing special to offer that we don’t already have. H‑E‑B is miles ahead of Kroger. As long as they keep their game up.

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