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  1. Yeah I think I watched the Jurassic Park movies — maybe just the first two? then skipped everything until … whichever one we’re talking about 😅

  2. Lost World is the second movie in the whole series

  3. That random, cruel moment was when I gave up on those movies completely

  4. So you were fine with poor, Eddie, the brave, smart, helpful equipment tech getting torn in half by a pair of T-Rex’s while he was desperately trying to save the rest of the team’s lives in Lost World?

  5. You ever watch that show Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares where he visits a restaurant and attempts to save them from failing? Outside of the restaurant being in a terrible location the main reason why the restaurants can't be saved is because the owner refuses to accept they did anything wrong. Instead of taking in Ramsay's criticism and suggestions they take it personally. Ramsay can't save every restaurant he visits but the ones that take in his suggestions and don't take his attacks personally have the best chances.

  6. I’ve noticed that in all those restaurant/bar makeover shows that the overwhelming majority of the failing businesses are due to poor ownership/management. Yet the owners never seem to make that connection.

  7. Okay, is there a way to check that? I don't live in a really cold climate, though it is winter here. Also, my traction control light for about a week would randomly flash for a few seconds while driving prior to these two lights coming on so I have a feeling it may not be the battery

  8. Yeah, there are voltage testers that you can get. Most mechanics will have one.

  9. Wack (wak) - adj. 1. Inauthentic or lame or strange

  10. I knew a really nice guy who was homeschooled, his parents were weird hippy preppers that lived off the grid. He was an engineering student when we met and he was better at calculus than he probably would've been had he been at public school. and he knew things like crop rotation for soil enrichment and how to break down two stroke engines. He was friendly and fun to be around, but he definitely was about 10 degrees askew. Wound up in a poly marriage that fell apart pretty quick IIRC.

  11. This sounds like an alternate universe version of Brendan Fraser’s character in “Blast From the Past”

  12. I'm all for workers rights, but my first thought was "wtf is sn REI doing in Cleveland?

  13. Why wouldn’t there be an REI in a major metropolitan area? Putting a store where people are tends to be good for business.

  14. That totally makes sense, people make outdoor stores money. I'm surrounded by millions of acres of wilderness and there isn't an rei anywhere nearby or any other outdoor store that can keep its doors open. Just not enough people. Shit tons of REI trips in the summer though. I guess I've viewed them more as a tour company than a retailer. Which is probably completely opposite of what that business actually is.

  15. Well the city itself has its issues. Aside from the Rock n Roll HOF and some concert venues like Jacobs Pavilion and the House of Blues, you won’t find me singing the city’s praises much.

  16. I played a LOT of n64 in my day and I have no recollection of the Rugrats game, Mace or Megaman 64. So they are rare to me

  17. Either an satellite radio antenna or, more likely, an aftermarket remote starter receiver.

  18. Offensive line. Easy call. Protect the franchise at all costs

  19. Honestly, not that great. Just like generic fruit loops that turn your poop a greenish blue color

  20. I love the backhoe on my BX23s. With the addition of the ripper claw and mechanical thumb it is absolutely amazing for cutting firewood. I just pick up the whole log and quickly cut it down in to firewood chunks with the chainsaw. I’ve also used it regularly for placing bigger logs up on my saw mill.

  21. Wow. This is a use of the backhoe I hadn’t thought of that may be a game changer haha.

  22. Yup, zero worries about the log shifting/rolling and keeps your saw blade well away from the ground. Sometimes with the right size log, I’ll actually hover the log over the trailer and my buddy standing in the trailer makes the cuts and the logs drop right in to the trailer. Way easier on the ol’ back

  23. Comparing black people to dogs, I see. Are you a pitbull owner by any chance?

  24. Lol no. In fact I have a strong distaste for that particular breed. But I’m not afraid of all dogs just because I don’t like pit bulls

  25. I think there is a clear difference between the fears of a small child and adult, and how we should accomodate them.

  26. A kid once broke down in absolute tears bawling his eyes out because I rang the house doorbell.

  27. What stands out to me is that the Jets have a really good defense

  28. Skid plate is a must if you don’t have a belly mower attached. The HST cooling fan is a plastic fan that can break easily if sticks get up to it. If it breaks, your transmission will be in danger and the cost of replacing the fan alone is like $500.

  29. All good advice. I will say, that the 50 hour service isn't that tough. It's mostly just a matter of changing fluids, filters, etc. The manual is pretty straightforward about the maintenance that needs to occur so if you are comfortable working on your car, you will be comfortable working on your tractor.

  30. I hear ya. But if the dealership is close by and you have a way to get it there easily, $200 (roughly) isn’t bad for critical maintenance on a $27k investment.

  31. Ha, I knew right where this was before I even focused in on the road signs. This kind of thing happens a lot at this highway split

  32. Edmunds is 24. Why not have a super experienced young guy rather than drafting a rookie who is only 2 or 3 years younger and unproven?

  33. Heck, some rookies will actually be older than Edmunds come next season

  34. Lots of offensive and defensive linemen available. Start there

  35. In my limited experience, furniture legs are far more dangerous than arms. Use this information responsibly!

  36. One vacation house I stayed in I swear the furniture hated me. I managed to break both pinky toes by stubbing them on the various ornate furniture legs

  37. I actually disagree with this. And please hear me out.

  38. With a defensive line that's on the smaller side, they rely on speed and leverage. With poor footing and slippery conditions, that negated their perceived strengths and the weather really did benefit the larger, heavier offensive linemen.

  39. Pretty sure the Bills team that showed up to play yesterday would have gotten the shit kicked out of them in a dome too

  40. Yeah, they just didn't have it yesterday, but I think my point still stands.

  41. I dunno man…I’ve heard this argument many times about the Bills being a fair weather team and I’m just not fully convinced.

  42. It’s 2023 and that’s the system we use for the play clock??

  43. There’s palm trees in the background. I did not wonder for one second how he handles the cold

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