1. Definitely not Rob. And this is not only since I am not a fan. Any season that had him go far really sucked, while the seasons he was in he didn't go far were all great. That isn't a coincidence.

  2. I love Rob, but there may be more truth to this than I'd like to accept, don't spoil Marquesas for me!

  3. Sandra is one I go back and forth on, I like her personality but after HvV she's a little overly confident and doesn't do too much in challenges.

  4. Everyone says this season ruined by Dan (which it totally was, absolutely disgusting behavior), but I've read that some people say "this season had lots of potential in the pre-merge."

  5. The fucking tribe swap ruined everything as it usually does apart from David vs Goliath. Parvati, Yul, Sandra, Rob all blindsided, who the hell wanted this to happen?

  6. Monica got voted out because she wasn’t socially aware of what was going on around her. I would’ve much rather seen her go far than Kimmi or Tasha or Kelly Wiggles though tbh, given how they ended up doing.

  7. Kimmi is probably my least favorite player form that season, and I wish Monica went farther too.

  8. Postseason interviews have revealed that Monica and Kimmi were close at the beginning of OG Bayon but Tasha told Kimmi lies about Monica to turn split them up. Kimmi falsely believed that Monica was plotting against her and did not believe anything she said after Tasha spun her web of lies

  9. That's what I was looking for or expecting. There had to be some other reason for Kimmi wanting Monica out other than what was shown.

  10. Tocantiins is coming to Netflix next month

  11. Cagayan is my favorite too :( Most of these are still on hulu right now though, Borneo, Cagayan, Caramoan and SJDS are are gone but the others are still on.

  12. Hahah I totally get it. As a viewer you only see what’s shown to you :) I truly just thought it was funny because I DID get picked for 2 of the rewards in the end because I had made such strong alliances with Julie and Gavin once we merged !!

  13. I'm jealous that you and Wentworth are actually friends, especially with the age gap!

  14. I should rephrase my statements, she didn’t make any big moves at all or win any immunities.

  15. Not really. Part of survivor has always been "adapt to whatever jeff throws at you" and that's fine. But final 4 isn't really giving them time to adapt. Imo kinda violates the spirit

  16. It feels as though the stakes are too big for them to not know more beforehand

  17. The Varner incident is kinda unspeakable. It's always scary af when people are dead wrong but don't see it. He also lost a great deal because of his own ignorance. But that's how it goes.

  18. Scary AF when wrong but people don’t see it, what do you mean? Viewers or when people like Jeff Varner think Zeke is trans but are wrong?

  19. I am scared of people who do immoral things like what Varner did to Zeke, and not realize they are behaving immorally.

  20. Yeah that makes sense, it was an evil act, I’m not sure if Varner fully knew the ramifications of what he was doing or not, but learning that he knew Zeke was trans based on his own intuition makes me feel more like he did largely know what he was doing and he did it anyway

  21. The same reason they switched from a final 2 to a final 3: To keep the biggest threat in the game.

  22. I would want it to continue, but it wouldn't be the same at all without Jeff.

  23. Idk why she just didn’t read the clue and give it back

  24. They did not force her to give the clue back. I think she felt pressured in the heat of the moment because not even Colby had her back and she didn't want to become even more of a target for the Villains. Obviously in hindsight I'm sure Amanda wishes she kept the clue.

  25. I've seen the season, I watched the scene. I'm just curious if production told Amanda to give it back and it was edited out. That's what somebody else commented, Danielle was going to sue if Amanda didn't give it back.

  26. Ever notice that in Micronesia there are tons of sound effects at Tribal Council. Like every time Amanda points at somebody when she's arguing with Erik, or everytime Parvati or somebody looks at someone else or has a stare in the Ozzy vote, there's a sound effect. I still think Micronesia is a great season but I would prefer not to have these sound effects, they're annoying because they are too frequent.

  27. I understand the frustration; in my experience, some large pharmacy chains stock or will order Zenzedi without incident, while others in the very same chain won’t.

  28. I have used ezrxlocator, none of the one's within 30 miles would stock Zenzedi.

  29. That's why I did this post, to see what people think. Nobody is going to like everyone here, but some people will like some of them. And yet people are saying this post is completely full of mediocre players, Reynold was not.

  30. Russell is controversial here but his recent actions have done enough to make him hated.

  31. Both of them are the least entertaining members of Panama's final 7

  32. Perhaps, but they’re still great competitors and still interesting. The final four of Danielle, Cirie, Aras and Terry is an outstanding final four.

  33. I didn't mean my comment with any harm, what I meant to say is this is an epic rivalry and it's not even the third most interesting thing in the final 7, which shows how incredible the endgame of panama is

  34. Yeah makes says, Terry and Aras went super interesting, and Aras was a prick at times

  35. I don’t find the beauty tribe to be interesting on any level, and the stretch of eliminations from Morgan- Jeremiah is just not enjoyable.

  36. Also any non-returnee season of survivor is going to have some moderately boring players, yet the brawn tribe and brain tribes were both extremely interesting.

  37. The stretch of eliminations from Morgan to Jeremiah is the worst part of the season, but it’s still interesting. It has the clip where Woo steals Spencer’s idol clue on the mad treasure hunt. It has Tony adamantly convincing a few people to go after LJ, (most players are not as capable of recognizing a threat, forging an alliance with said threat, convincing everyone to turn on said threat, and then blindsiding said threat). Almost nobody did that as well as Tony did. Tony’s quest for the super idol is also interesting and Tasha starts her immunity challenge run here in these episodes.

  38. Hmm. The bottom of my list really depends on if I’m in the mood for solid gameplay, or if I want something wildly entertaining. But the first nine are pretty much always the same:

  39. I like all of those except Tocantins and Gabon. The fact that Tocantins had an obvious winner and a blowout one at that took away a bit of the suspense. I also think with just 16 contestants there was less to be excited about here, not a bad season just not close to my top 10.

  40. The season was doomed from its inception, at casting. The “old school couldn’t hack it” narrative is garbage. There were just way more newer winners.

  41. Ashley would at least be better than Fabio, because they would've played basically the same game where the leaders delayed taking a shot before they would go on an immunity run, and Ashley at least was always in the majority - I mean, she did have Rob pressed, basically calling her a devil, so there's definitely something with Ashley while Nat10 and Mr Secret Agent are DOA.

  42. The entirety of both F5s is Rob whining that he wanted to vote out Ashley because she's a bad and corrupting influence on the pure hearted Natalie, and not being able to do so because she suddenly become a challenge beast. The confessionals are borderline creepy to be honest.

  43. Both f5s'? Isn't there one final 5? DOA for Dead on Arrival?

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