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  1. Many thanks to everyone who helped me track down shop cats. Apologies to the cats I was unable to get pictures of, I know there are a few more out there.

  2. GREAT stuff! Thanks for making this a reality!

  3. That soldier died. There’s a longer video and it shows him not moving or reacting to the dropping grenades at the end.

  4. Yeah, even with the first toss he’s not in great condition. Coat is shredded on the right and there’s blood in the stuffing under his arm. Dang.

  5. I’ll join the “take one and leave for others,” crowd, especially as a dad of 8 and 5 yos who want this set and there are none available nearby.

  6. Flip back and forth, though if it's a long enough journal you could use an edge of paper color indexing system similar to this:

  7. I'm liking this idea. Like red for town/village names, blue for NPC's, ETC... Am I right?

  8. Yup, and pick a different line for each (if you're using lined or grid). Color to the edge and over time you'll see it stand out on the side - or fan the book just a little to see all the colors as well.

  9. When I was in the army, we would play D&D out in the field without dice. (Way too much down time)

  10. Depends on the game and how deep I want to go, but I try to keep one notebook per game, usually Field Notes or other pocket variety. Something bigger I’ll use a notebook I use for a bit of catch-all note taking.

  11. LOVE this idea. You could procedurally generate random encounters into codes if you worked out a formula. Columns for room, monster, loot, other factors, set a rate of instance for each, generate a series of outputs and convert to QR.

  12. I could totally add something like this.

  13. Maybe something to just do a coin flip for you?

  14. It will if they ever complete 76 to hull street by grange hall. They’ve been talking about it for 30 years lol.

  15. Powhite/Old Hundred is already a donkey show, expansion is just gonna put more folks down it. Especially with the water park coming and all that they’re looking to do on Genito.

  16. ill copy and pasting part of my previous comment to give you an example as to how the order of numbers can make a difference and why they should learn the difference.

  17. You're not wrong - 6 groups of 3 and 3 groups of 6 are different if, say, you're going to the store and want to pick up 3 6-packs at $2.50 each because it's cheaper than 6 3-packs at $2.00 each.

  18. I used to run a glass cannon 3SNPPC urbie k9 and it could be fun but a few changes ago heat just become unmanageable and even with 2 it can be difficult.

  19. Yeah, inevitably he runs pretty hot and I gotta pull back, and always when it really gets going.


  21. They enter a tracking number but it’ll never update or arrive.

  22. This thread has me imagining a regiment of toddlers mounted on dogs storming through Richmond.

  23. For my kids - On the corgi, no. On the golden? Give him a few months.

  24. I’ve got some boosters, it was different…

  25. I’ve been having fun with this strategy. I get killed a lot but it’s a lot of fun until then.

  26. Aw, dang, is that this weekend? Drats.

  27. It’s back at just over $5. Figures for ~$10 after shipping I’d roll the dice. Would be nice to have a cheap retro gamer for the kids.

  28. Hooray, vacation reading purchased. Thanks for the heads up and looking forward to reading.

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