1. Mushishi? It does have stuf about the supernatural and Japanese folklore.

  2. Literally my favorite anime. It's absurd to me how so few people seem to have watched it

  3. And every time u die, that chest would have been enhanced.

  4. Not if everything is predetermined. There would be no world in which you didn't die that kc

  5. This reminds me of the shit I used to do back in the day. I’d spend hours pretending to fight alongside the gnome army against the Khazard army lmaoo

  6. I used to go into the wilderness with just an axe and tinderbox and pretend I was surviving out in the forest. I miss being able to just make my own fun in games; and any time I can get myself to do something like that, I go and do it.

  7. Most skills that currently exist wouldn't pass polls, people have overhyped what a skill in runescape should be

  8. I think that just means that to keep things consistent the next skill needs to be mundane and simple and then expanded on later.

  9. Yeah something like that. I'm just worried that everyone has such huge expectations for a new skill, that they're only gonna vote yes on huge grandiose things, and it's gonna drastically change the game. Like hunter had just come out when the original 2007 snapshot was taken, and that's a pretty boring skill overall.

  10. When I got really into rainbow six siege, I started to unconsciously check around me for security cameras with an urge to break them (in the game, the attacking team shoots security cameras scattered around the map so that the defenders can't watch them)

  11. I'd argue that video games are leagues better than just watching TV if your worry is about "brain rot"

  12. Those responses have to be sarcastic. I find it so difficult to believe that something this absurd could be taken as truth.

  13. I work from home, and when I started I would choose one album or band per day that I'd never heard and just listen through all their stuff

  14. What exactly could they do for good money on 4 accounts? I know zulrah and vork are camped a lot, but I can't imagine anyone doing two of those at once. And since rwt accounts are likely to get banned, I can't imagine them training one up to be able to do redwoods or sharks

  15. I hope you have a horrible dream tonight so you can imbue it

  16. I know fans like to believe that when Green Day puts out a less-than-stellar product that it’s secretly a troll move and that it’s their way of sneaking out of contracts and agreements but I really, really doubt that’s the case.

  17. Yeah it always bugs me when fans of a band that has put out a bad album say (for whatever reason) that it was intentionally bad.

  18. It’s weird. The Trilogy in retrospect really isn’t that bad. It has VERY high highs and VERY low lows but it’s not even close to being unlistenable like some people pretend it is.

  19. In the past few years I've found several songs from the trilogy that I really like but just never gave a chance. The highs really are high

  20. What kills me is how he first said "just tell me what functions I need to make". Like, that depends ENTIRELY on how you want to go about making the code

  21. I've been addicted to the game since year 2. The game is fucking garbage and ubi has no idea how to run it. 8/10 1500 hours

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