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  1. I have y that have not eaten in a month. We did just move but. They are healthy. Make sure water and occasionally offer food. If they don't.. they don't.

  2. Look like a normal but not knowing parents.. really a shot in the dark.

  3. Some boys will just no wake "pleasant" lol 2 boys here. The closest I get to waking in a good mood is maybe falling asleep to some soft tunes or make sure I lay down in a good mood not thinking about the bad.

  4. But how do you get someone that doesn't like to, to try some... things. .? Asking for a friend

  5. Ummi mean yeah there will be a transfer of "energy" but.. umm. Nm

  6. Before I answered this question. I would like to know, what men reading this thread have actually been in the room when they're significant other or someone they loved were giving birth? I caught and cut the cord on both my Boys. I have also torn my scrotum trying to jump a fence. I know that was nothing compared to child birth.

  7. Dolly, Stevie Nicks, Tina, so many amazing Dina Ross, Reda,

  8. This is true.. I could care less the size of the boobs as long as we can have fun with them. A tiny pecker.. yeah.. nm

  9. It's not the amount of friends you have it's the quality of said friends!

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