Honest opinion on Elden ring 6 months later?

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  1. The tangent universe had closed and the world was safe by the time that Donnie was laying in his bed at the end so he absolutely didn't need to die. My belief is that he didn't necessarily remember a jet engine was coming and so he didn't know to move. Also possible he did know and simply chose to die.

  2. Ned Stark. Genuinely did nothing wrong and tried to do good for his kingdom and his friend and was shown exactly what happens to good men in a bad world.

  3. It takes away all the mystique and mystery the original cut has and the soundtrack is worse but that's fully just my opinion. Go check it out but make sure it's not the first cut you see

  4. I love those colours! Please tell me how the gold is done it looks so good!

  5. Liverpool at home last season. That was the game that made me decide to get on the season ticket waiting list and now I'm enjoying my first season as a season ticket holder

  6. Me and my co host run a music podcast and said after episode one that we enjoyed the process so much that we'd do it even if we weren't recording. That fun hasn't diminished. Any views we get are a bonus, for us we just like hanging out and sharing music.

  7. Such an amazing conversation about angel in real time. It’s a truly beautiful album and the depth does call for conversation hey? Amazing job

  8. Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. I absolutely love this album so it was such a blast to get the opportunity to sit down and talk through it with someone.

  9. I don’t have Spotify, is it on apple podcasts?

  10. This is my first souls game and it's been brutal but this is hands down the best game I have ever played.

  11. 27 year old dude from Witham, always down for new friends. West ham supporter, musician, streamer and lover of a cold pint.

  12. You lost me at West ham but you gained me back with the rest of what you said 😂 feel free to message me

  13. Hey I very nearly didn't reply because of arsenal, we've all gotta forgive things 😂

  14. An unexpected benefit is that I can use the dots to add eyes to inanimate objects to amuse myself 😂

  15. Power rangers is rad and Tommy is mega fuckable. It's simple.

  16. You mean individual toy or wave? My McDonald's would cycle the toys in the wave daily so say there were five toys in the wave we'd have to go every weekday for a week to get the whole set. Think the wave would change every month or so whenever a new one was released

  17. I had this as a kid. Took it out the box and almost immediately broke the head off. Rad figure I was just a heavy handed kid.

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