1. Was absolutely worth it. Had so many games in my wishlist waiting to get cheaper and then they showed up as free for Extra. Sure, the subscription is kinda expensive but with the amount of free games and discounts it's worth it.

  2. As a Japanese learner: Welcome to my world

  3. The Japanese learners got this some weeks ago.

  4. That was a lot of work for something that looks so stupidly ugly.

  5. It's 30 for me again, like last month.

  6. But those articles are relatively recent, right...?? they're all from THE LAST 20 YEARS? So, check mate, it's all in the conspiracy. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

  7. I've been playing games for 30 years now and at some point i don't wanted the challenge but rather the entertainment. So i went with easy.

  8. Genki is essentially the gold standard for University learning. It's also been adopted by most people for self study as it drills down into everything.

  9. That's what i heard from a friend who studied in Japan. That's why i bought it. It's the go to book for everyone who wanna learn Japanese.

  10. Dude, in 87 we played Atari. Genesis came a bit later iirc

  11. Atari came out in like 1978! No one was playing that by 1988! I got my Sega Genesis on release. I lived in Japan until I was 11.

  12. Ich Anlagenbauer. Bin für die Kollegen ein Hexer im Job, weil ich dieses beherrsche.

  13. Ich als Zerspaner bin auch ständig damit zu gange.

  14. Hast du mal den Text gelesen? Die Flaschen die die in der Hand haben sind keine Bier Flaschen sondern Spezi Flaschen

  15. Ist mir tatsächlich eben aufgefallen.

  16. Ach, fick. Ich hab gedacht das wär irgendein Bier...

  17. Isn’t that what he’s doing? I don’t remember seeing this question anywhere in the main units.

  18. Yea but then he can't be judgmental and looking down from his high horse.

  19. Aber wozu? Die parken doch meist sowieso in zweiter Reihe

  20. Get some Jazz loops and put them in the back

  21. Great to hear that you're looking forward to it! And you can expect that the graphics in the PSVR2 version of cyubeVR will actually be significantly better than what you see in that PC trailer from 2020 that you linked ;)

  22. Awesome. So looking forward to it. Actually i learned about it a few weeks ago, when i was watching an old habie video on yt and wished i could have it on psvr2. And now i see you're on it. I wish everything in life was like that.

  23. Close the lesson and start new. Always works

  24. I don't have an iPhone, but the steps you gave were still useful. I ended up following them pretty loosely to gt it to were I needed to be. Thank you. But now I have a Japanese keyboard that only has 12 characters. It seems that each key has a couple different characters I can use if I tap on it enough times. Is that better than just having all the characters laid on the keyboard? I remember seeing a way to change it so there were like 50 characters instead of 12, but I don't remember where it is

  25. On Gboard you can choose between 12 and 50 i think.

  26. I'm on Android and use the GBoard and added japanese as one of the layouts. There you go

  27. Ah yes, another hype post for a new game.

  28. Thank God the arrows are there. Would've been hard to see the damage otherwise.

  29. Hab gekündigt. Deren Angebot rechtfertigt die Preise einfach nicht mehr.

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