1. Capitalists bully me when I'm at work, when Iā€™m off work, wanna have a vape to relax, they're still gonna jump in and bully me again. Fuck me

  2. Until I read this comment, I don't think the bird is unreal

  3. That's perfect! I can't imagine anything better!

  4. What a charming little thing, among all elf bar products, I like the design of TE5000 most, you really know which disposable is the best to begin with. Well done.

  5. And the silence function, amazing upgrade. It makes me feel like I smoke less, even though I actually don't lol

  6. A good parking job. When reverse-bay parking equal distance from both lines or being completely 5cm parallel to the kerb when parallel parking.

  7. First to vape, didn't know which flavor to choose at first, just picked a random flavor from the vape shop, but it turns out I'm a lucky basterd

  8. I've been on the apple peach flavor for two weeks and am thinking of switching to another flavor. How does it taste?

  9. It's like the lemonade on the inhale and blue razz on the exhale, not too sweet or too icy. It's my type

  10. well the tomato seems not juicy in this case

  11. How does it taste like? What does cotton taste like? Or just the sweetness of the candy?šŸ¤”

  12. Absolutely fantastic! Well done, I wish I could have a bite!

  13. Mostly 1am but sometimes I watch NBA games which begin at 2am.

  14. eople never judge my choice or say too much about my own business.

  15. I was told the pop would hurt your bones, like making bones soft.

  16. im vaping my strawberry kiwi as im typing, have to say, its totally sick, btw what on earth does sunrise taste like?

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