1. And a one and a two, and a... massive artillery onslaught to the tune of the Flight of the Valkyries.

  2. Been a failed state for more than a century, it's just that everything is being super sized at an alarming rate now.

  3. Only because your own elected officials chose to take the greedy route instead of the alternative energy route. Everyone wanted a piece of the russian fossil fuels bonanza, no one wanted an expensive wind, solar or nuclear alternative. Granted no one actually thought russia woud be this callous and reckless with their mob monopoly on gas and oil. They all expected to grow old and very, very filthy rich from it while burying the middle man in insurmountable debt along the way. Fuck them all.

  4. Russia bombing their own people again, is the first thing that popped into my head. The vlad playbook only has so many options to choose from.

  5. How about give it to our indigenous communities, or use this casual 100 million to do something about our housing and cost of living crisis. Alternatively, you could use the money for sustainable renewable energy developments to phase out coal mining and fossil fuel and actually sufficiently address the climate change thats killing Australians every year. I have no interest in getting involved in a European conflict for some pathetic geopolitical pandering to the US empire.

  6. Mate.... so russia's invasion is by your own account valid because they also do not pander to the US empire? Your very existence stems from pandering to the UK empire. And now you think a grander modern russian empire is somehow better than a western counterpart?

  7. Seeing the sheer amount of russian artillery and rockets it is just nothing short of a miracale that Ukraine has lasted this long defending Lysychansk anf Sevierodonetsk. Once the orcs get all their firepower concentrated on one area it's almost game over for the defenders. It's just that is takes their pathetic military so long to get anything organized enough to concentrate any kind of power. They will never be able to take huge tracts of land, rather chip away one levelled city at a time. Nothing like a well organized and capable air force for bringing your adversay to its knees, but sadly for Ukraine that russia is exploiting this shorfall in a big way.

  8. The possibility of nuclear war has existed since 1945 and wars will always disrupt global markets.

  9. The possibility of nuclear war has only existed since 1949 when the soviets first succeeded in detonating their own nukes.

  10. So if this wasn't done on purpose this is my speculative opinion on why this happened:

  11. Putin is literally aiming for genocide since the people of Ukraine didn't welcome him and Russia with open arms. So he'll invade, loot, murder, destroy, and rape in the places he can. The ones he doesn't have killed will be moved to other parts of Russia proper where they'll have no say on anything. He'll hope that those fleeing Ukraine will go elsewhere and never come back. He'll raze the crops so there isn't enough food. Raze entire cities to the ground. He'll fire rockets at civilians in malls and the like for places his invasion can't reach hoping they'll leave too. They'll try to move Russian citizens and hold farce "elections" later.

  12. No "he will" about. He IS doing all of that and more as we speak. But it's not just him, the russian government has never considered their own citizens worth a fuck, more as servants for the greater political elite. So why should they care how others are suffering? But yeah he's actually stepping it up a bit trying to relive the good times they all loved under the glorious soviet union. The whole russian mentality of government is shit, it must be completely rebooted.

  13. Well considering the kind of world trade market that the netherlands has and the fact that when actually caught and tried the most criminals only get a slap on the wrist, this is not surprising. The Taghi's and Ferry bouman's (sic) literally laugh at the Dutch judicial system while still carrying out their heinous crimes from behind bars. Dutch criminal law is just not perpared for dealing with narco crime on an industrial scale.

  14. Russians whole tactic is to destroy everything that they can, not just to occupy it. By levelling everything and crippling all infrastructure they guarantee that whatever land they do conquer is completely worthless for anything except for planting their pathetic orc flags.

  15. Well hitler cried when German cities started to get bombed too, so.. Just means there will be more putin crying to come, if he's not the one actually orchestrating the bombing of russian cities.

  16. Yet another instance of when a third world country is more modern than almost half the states in the US.

  17. It'll be 0, as Indigenous languages tend to only be taught in primary school. These kids will change to Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian etc., when they hit high school, there's just no facility for delivery at a higher level yet; and there are so many Indigenous languages in Australia, if these kids move out of their area the language of country they learned will have few applications (further disincentivising teaching it beyond primary school).

  18. Well personally I think learning new languages or at least some basics of them is very valuable. Being a native English speaker and learning Dutch, then through all my travels I've tried to at least get some basics down from several others as well; it's a nice way to break the ice and form better relationships with those you meet and/ or work with. My world is so much better now that I know so many different words for yes, please, thank you, no, eat, drink, beer, piss, shit, fuck, pussy, asshole....

  19. So now the aboriginals can be mocked and belittled in their own languages as well.

  20. This is a real man. He is absolutely putting his life on the line every minute for the protection of Ukrainian lives. He is not driving a heated truck covered with Cdn. flags and parking on Wellington St. crying about loosing his rights. Real men vs. real whiners.

  21. Exactly and not enough of those whiners have been held accountable; no fines, no jail time, no consfiscation of their trucks etc. Meanwhile plenty of other real men were actually taking up the slack and doing their trucking jobs. So it's not just those who go to war that are considered real men but I think most will agree on those who are not.

  22. Truth is no matter who bankrolls it, the number of soldiers killed means they won't ever see the money and likely the families won't either. So using russian math that's money left over to "allocate" for new recruits for ther meat grinder. Never ending cycle. Until the russian people see this they will never stop sending their kids off to die. No job, no money, no food, no nice things to buy, no life worth living yet still support the great leader.

  23. Wonder how they discovered them if not drilling some ice samples for studying. Kind of like releasing them has already happened, no?

  24. Almost like the cunt's gotten a conscious about constantly appeasing master putin's will.

  25. When has russia stopped being a threat to Europe? In WW2 russia (the ussr) was playing both sides. It's only when the Nazi's decided to invade them that russia was considered a western ally. But make no mistake, the ussr could just as easily have joined forces with Nazi Germany to divvy up Europe if hitler wasn't so delusional in thinking he could fight on three or more fronts at once.

  26. After crushing the pro-democracy voices, the Communist Party is now firmly in control of Hong Kong. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the city today. He said Hong Kong has "risen from the ashes"

  27. Yeah it went from being one of the world's largest and healthiest economies to a mere shadow of itself since China decided they needed to de-democracize it and take control of its economy and manufacturing assets. Just another spoke in Beijing's wheel.

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