1. The best thing about it imo is attacking the gang strongholds fucking lit

  2. Kicking in the door on the first Carnales stronghold was a formative gaming moment for young me

  3. 🤣🤣 I'm one of those "gotta be color coordinated" types bruv. Joe was a badass no doubt tho

  4. That’s actually called a camel coat, they’re supposed to be that beige color. He’s got a suit on underneath it.

  5. I'm more towards the Vito style, all matching, overcoat and everything. Definitely a nice coat though.

  6. No doubt it’s a great look. Personally I love Joe’s style, it’s obviously an expensive coat, but it’s almost that rebellious gangster chic in the way he pops the collar and wears a newsie cap with it. Yes, he’s got illegal money that affords him nice things, but he’ll still break your nose if you look at him the wrong way. Such a great character.

  7. God I hate living in a state with a handgun roster

  8. It’s so disappointing, and it’ll be years before California gets rid of it, and that’s IF they do.

  9. A housing bubblé. San Diego will get hit hard and anyone who bought a home in the past year with a minimum down payment will be fucked.

  10. This right here, San Diego is one of the most overinflated housing markets rn, it’s not gonna be affordable, but it will come down.

  11. Just left San Diego and it’s really not great. Lived there the past 8 years and it is definitely not a paradise.

  12. I’m a native and it’s gotten EXORBITANTLY expensive in the last few years. It simply isn’t worth it.

  13. A police trade in M4 Carbine. Not worth fucking around in a situation like that

  14. Sometimes when i see this greentext i wonder if anon actually made it

  15. My Camry is 2 years away from that. And living in CA you bet your ass I’m gonna cash in on not having to do smog checks yearly

  16. I’ve heard it’s not worth it in CA because you have to pay depending on how many miles you drive it for your registration.

  17. of course this shitbag of a state charges you for your car being old.

  18. Hey buddy believe me I agree it’s fucking extortion, I drive a 30 year old Chrysler, and the state taxes me on the value of it when it sold new. I gotta pay $210 every year for registration. Fucking outrageous.

  19. So let’s say you own a business where you drive a lot, like in a van or something. Can you concealed carry in the van or is that a no no? I wanna start a business but if I’m driving around with expensive equipment I don’t wanna get robbed.

  20. Goddamn she’s pretty, I’m thinking about picking up a Bersa Firestorm soon and polishing it up for a similar look.

  21. When I was looking for this I got blue balled by several Bersas.

  22. I’m thinking pearl grips, polished finish, and gold hammer, trigger, decocker etc.

  23. The detachable carry handle look grows on me more and more every time I see it I swear. Think I might build an M4 Carbine clone soon.

  24. I wear a size 12 in mens, trying to double your money?

  25. OP, if it's a 12 do it! I'll triple it on his behalf

  26. The pistol silhouette appears to be a Tokarev, interesting

  27. I'm getting FN 1900 vibes really, far more appropriate and likely.

  28. It doesn’t have that bulge near the back the 1900 does though, I’m leaning towards Tokarev

  29. Tracksuit with the pleats?!? Fuck that’s fire

  30. Madonna, it’s Madonna you fucking ass kiss

  31. Congratulations on the progress you’ve made so far boss, excited to support your entrepreneurship!

  32. I’m jealous, I live in CA and the steel frame models are not yet C&R, so I had to get an aluminum frame. Very nice piece OP!

  33. I’ve honestly settled on doing a budget m4 carbine with detachable carry handle to satiate my “retro” desires for now. Thinking like a shorter LE6920. Eventually these will be more available, but I’ve wanted a carbine for awhile anyway.

  34. Tell me about that dust cover, it looks like it’s got a divot cut out of it.

  35. Honest to God I think this is my favorite scene from the show

  36. I’ve been dreaming of that lo mein all the way the fuck over here

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