1. So, I checked out the 8.6.94 file you sent and I had no problem installing it with Sideloadly. I have the same issues as the previous file I used, tho. I can't see song lyrics or choose "very high" music quality. But everything else works fine, so I can't complain :)

  2. I sincerely am using version 8.6.54 and you can see the lyrics of the songs with very high quality. Finally, as far as I am concerned, nothing changes, if not very much, with version 8.6.94 ;)

  3. Alright, I might check it out :) I also wanted to ask, do I need to refresh the app after a few days if I used Sideloadly? I know you have to refresh apps every 7 days when you use AltStore, but I don't know if the same happens with Sideloadly. Will I need to refresh it?

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