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  1. Common? We have never had one. There was a few shootings outside of schools targeting different groups including children leaving the school once but that was ages ago. If you'd say to a person who doesn't follow American news that there are children going to schools with guns to shoot children they'd think it's a hypothetical thing or a joke.

  2. Turkey. And i know it's a dumpster fire at the moment and we have high crime rate. I was only talking about school shootings and guns

  3. I am looking for a partner to marry in Europe for my citizenship. Totally down to fuck but we'd have to marry first probably cause I'm in Turkey. F23 hit me up.

  4. Just be traditional enough and some EU Turk will probably import u as his wife. Or just come to EU and state u are a lesbian and need protection , worked for a friend of mine (playing gay)

  5. I could do that considering I'm pansexual already but idk with the state of things rn if it would work and honestly? I'm looking for someone who's not Turkish if possible lol we'll see i guess. Thank you for your help tho

  6. There is a whole community of gardeners sold on the “air gap/water reservoir in container” method. Look up “Leon self wicking tubs “ on YouTube. That may be what your mother is doing.

  7. Uuu thank you I'll definitely check it out. We always do this but not with styrofoam. Last year i wasn't here for repotting and this is the first year were seeing some problems so i had to ask

  8. They're outside most on the soil the ones on higher level don have worms but natural bugs that have moved in no pests as far as I can tell as i always see them leave and come back.

  9. My ex bf was like that. Guess why he's an ex.

  10. I will be harsh. Your family is a shit show. I'm sorry for you mother. She has been through so much it breaks me but this is was above reddits pay grade. We can't give you any advice but to seek out a therapist that is ok to come visit your mother at home and is a specialist on her type of cases.

  11. What you said wasn't even harsh. OP's family is completely fucked in the brains.

  12. The shit show part. I feel like no one would be ok to hear that and like that's a harsh thing to say. I mean my relatives are all individual shit shows and if they're together you can expect a flood of sewer but I'd hate it if anyone said that

  13. I have very short hair and i used to have shoulder length hair and things in between. When i shower at night it doesn't matter how good i dry it it will be a mess in the morning. Idk how it's doing this like my hair is 3mm at this point and even now if i shower before bed some of it will be going up and some will be going down like a piece of my hair is a hedgehog and the other is grass you stepped on. And there literally no way of fixing it unless i shower. But i i shower in the morning and sleep that night my hair doesn't get messed up when i wake up.

  14. You really love this example but all it means for the guy is whenever he’s feeling ill or depressed he has to fear his wife’s gonna fuck a random dude again Maybe he’s gonna carry that fear with every single future partner till he dies

  15. Possible but according to his words he wasn't just depressed he suffered as his wife who was in a bad space too. He wasn't unable to do anything he was heavily drinking as well. Constantly toxicated to the point of being numb.

  16. Well then we can cross out the self conscious trauma here

  17. Sex for men is different than sex for women. According to some phycological research (that i definitely forgot Which or who) sex for men is about staying on the gene pool. It's a primative instinct to have sex with as much woman as possible to increase the chances of being in the pool but for women it's not. Once we get pregnant we are in the gene pool so for us it's about finding a good partner to get pregnant with and the study also says men are more likely to pursue friendships with women more than other way around

  18. This is hard. I'm heartbroken for you. But you need to secure your self and well-being first. You need to collect all your money and put it in a safe account that you control consult with a financial advisor that's the first step. Then talk to your daughter maybe she has space for you in her house. You don't have to divorce on paper you can walk out if you have the means. I'm fairly young to know better than you but what I've seen from my family once an old man who can't even get it up goes wild they go wild. They usually don't come around and realize the mistake they think they're in the 20s again.

  19. It's a nice way but I'd put some fabric over them before ironing because this could and would melt some of the yarn types

  20. I think it's a kink. Breeding kink. It's a weird one even for me.

  21. having sex for the purpose of procreation is like an anti-kink

  22. Unfortunately it's not. Some people do have sex solely because of the idea of getting someone pregnant. They want to cum inside you, for you to use no protection yourself either and to "breed" you. Breeding kink. I had talked with some guy with this kink and he was weird. But all he wanted was someone to breed over and over again.

  23. Lol , I don't think you guys understand what happens when a guy literally grows up supporting a team...the team from HIS town and they get promoted or qualify for playoffs...it's like... otherworldly, hard to explain when you haven't been through it.

  24. Something bigger happens than his own children being born? Like the children he created? I understand being emotionally attached to something i have cried over a singers death when i found out he died the year i was born. I cried over a chocolate bar because they stopped producing and it was my comfort food. I cried when I got into the university i wanted since i knew the word university. I know emotional attachment hell Trabzonspor my team, my mother's team, all my grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles team got the cup this year after 38 years and the celebrations are still going on and I've cried over that but i can bring any one from my relatives and they would call him a dumbass and these people are still celebrating my cousin almost lost his toes due to walking around the city with the crowd for days and he would call op an idiot.

  25. No it's not about being entitled or wanting good gifts or something. It's about the thought. The thought should be put into the gift or don't buy one at all. People don't have to think about me or have to buy me something for my birthday but if they're still gonna do I do expect it to be something i would enjoy. And if it isn't then there's no thought that counts and they've wasted their money and it's ok for me to be disappointed/upset about a thoughtless gift and I'd prefer if they simply didn't buy anything.

  26. Usually, when people say the thought is what matters, is when you don't necesserly like the gift but the person tried to please you. I do think "thought" may not be the best word for this, in my country we say "it's the willingness that matters", meaning it depends on the person's intention. As long as they tried to please you, you should never reject their gifts.

  27. Can't you get a demijohn of water with a pump dispenser? They take the jug back when they bring you a new one.

  28. Yes you can be repulsed by someone who's too pushy. I love sex but one of my ex bf pushed me so much about sex like a horny dog I couldn't even masturbate for 4-5 months after him. Gosh it was horrible.

  29. Both onions and garlic can be frozen.

  30. Oh here to help with Google thing ( English is my second language too it gets confusing if I'm rude I'm sorry).

  31. Ah thanks :) you are not rude. It is nice to get help, it looked wrong but I could not see why. So this is a great comment

  32. You're welcome and I'm glad i could help 🥰

  33. Make up box jewelry box 2-3 people picnic box memory case

  34. Be nice and understanding. They're going to be in pain a lot, will have mind fog, won't remember somethings sometimes even when you say them 2 minutes ago. And sometimes they're just gonna get lost in the conversation and won't be able to keep up try not to get angry at them because fibromyalgia isn't just physical for most of us it's also phycological and focusing especially through all the pain our mind is also dealing with is hard. İf you were to give them a back rub or something be gentle as fuck, avoid hand jokes like a little punch to the arm or a cute slap to the leg because even tho your hand is light and it doesn't mean to hurt them it will as fibro makes us more sensitive to the pain that small slap wouldn't even kill a fly but it will most likely hurt them (not like crying pain but it will give out more pain then you intended and will feel like a harder hit)

  35. So patience and gentleness especially are very important, got it..thank you so much, I'll make sure to keep all of this in mind, I want her to be as comfortable as possible so I really appreciate it, truly

  36. Yes patience and gentleness exactly. I know you'll do great 👍

  37. I've done a reverse image search and found very similar photos to this one they're parasites but seems like not harmful to the bee they're just using the bee for a ride.

  38. Dude if you're identifying as hetero cis person you are not queer And your partner being queer doesn't give you the right to identify as queer and even if you're/were queer you don't have to out yourself. Your friend is an idiot and not a friend. Cut them off. Your partner probably would laugh their ass off to this clown lol

  39. But the circumstances aren't to make the wrong right they're to understand the background of wrong. They're not justifying, they're explaining.

  40. My dad was kinda like this. All the weight he gained was to his stomach and nothing on his butt or anywhere else. I think saying he wasn't healthy at all isn't warranted but he'd drink a lot too.

  41. So? Your version of Islam isnt the only one. Not all muslims is like saying not all men. All it does is derail the point and ignore the problems.

  42. You're not understanding what I'm saying WHAT YOU SAID ISNT A PART OF ISLAM THE RELIGION. In the rules of religion in the book of religion it simply does not exist. I said NOT ISLAM BUT PEOPLE. In the belief itself there's no such a thing as forced marriage or no friendships or you're forced to look this way. There's a choice of covering up or not. Choice of getting engaged for the dating period and choosing to marry or say no. Choice of being friends with whom ever you want. THE THING THATS FORCING PEOPLE TO DO THINGS ARE OTHER PEOPLE THINKING ARABIAN CULTURE IS THE RELIGION. You're saying this is an İslam thing but what you talk is a people thing not an İslam thing.

  43. There is no Platonic thing called "Islam", nor is there a Platonic thing called "Christianity". There is only the practice and beliefs of the people who claim it. The terms "Muslim" and "Christian" describe the people who claim to follow these faiths.

  44. And you've studied both religions. Ok sure. 👌

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