[OC] Went to a school reunion this summer and ended up falling back in love with my high school sweetheart. Here we are 14yo and 30yo.

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  1. Not every morning but yep fun fact throwing up was the first symptom and the symptom that almost killed me with this disease

  2. So i have only one question about tinder. If girls get laid with men this much through tinder how do guys get this little dates? Cause I'm pretty sure we all aren't fucking the same guy.

  3. Not to defend these people but there are ~8 guys per girl on tinder

  4. That may be true but still according to these guys girls get dates after dates multiple in a day sometimes. With how much sex these girls having it's impossible for this many man to be this dateless unless something is actually off about them or their profile. It just doesn't add up

  5. Massage gun. I remember the post here. It help with most of us but still kinda depends on the person

  6. İf he ain't kissing me he isn't getting the head.

  7. They’re still two different processes- do you use one hook or two needles. The seller could clarify with that. In your language, how would you clarify that?

  8. Yes and I've never said they are. I was talking language wise. I've never really seen clarifying is a needed thing but I've explained how to in this threat

  9. I think you may be misunderstanding! What you are referring to (which is common in many languages) is very different from what the person is trying to claim in the post— they are trying to say that crochet and knit are the same exact thing with different words used, which is the exact opposite of what you are saying: different crafts with the same word used!

  10. Sorry lol I'm high and I've seen a few comments on it or I've interpreted some as such and commented

  11. Uuu a lot of hotels here in Turkey uses them too. (While also having small cups as well) Actually i don't think I've ever been in a hotel that doesn't 🤔 good find enjoy your edible cups and stay 💞💞

  12. Try stencil cream. Weirdly enough it does help taking it off

  13. Guys guys. Y'all are wrong the only way THE ONLY WAY to live a healthy life is to die of course.

  14. Yea don't do that. Dude i mean i prefer to talk about it too it makes me feel better to know i was in a bad place but I'm ok now but BUT this conversation doesn't need to start like this. Tell this to her like a fact about yourself on a 2nd 3rd date not head on with that build up. You made it sound like an std or covid

  15. This is where consent talk got too damn far. Don't get me wrong consent woo!! 🥳🎊🎊🎉 But BUT Consent differs from people and solidifies on the person who is giving. So if telling your bf "hey you can wake me up by fucking me anytime you want I'm down" or "hay wake me up with sex tomorrow please" or saying yes to "hey can I wake you up with sex?" Thats your way of consenting and nothing is wrong with that as long as you both are fine with it, as long as you are comfortable.

  16. The ovaries release the egg, which then gets swept into the fallopian tubes by the fimbria.

  17. But like what if those miss each other? Then what?

  18. There is space between the fallopian tubes and ovaries. They're not attached to each other. That being said, it would have to be a very tiny snake to fit through a fallopian tube in the first place.

  19. Wait what? Do ovaries shoot eggs? To they jump? How does that work and how biology class missed that

  20. That i can definitely believe, as I have taken a few beatings, I do believe fibromyalgia is actually a big man coming to beat the shit out of you.

  21. I'm sorry for your loss. Bella is lying ony lap as i read this and God I'm crying. Mr Ares looks like a real gentleman may he rest in peace and live on in your memories

  22. I just use plastic wrap to wrap up a rectangular couch pillow you know those pillows of gamer couches. I can easily wipe it off or change the wrap and works like a charm

  23. Honestly, I think she’ll be fine since she’s so young. I hope she’s going to a forever home now… sounds like you need to focus on you right now.

  24. She is. She will be with her dad and grandma but everything she knows she has she is because of me. He didn't/couldn't put anytime to her except for playing here and there due to being sick. I don't want to leave her but i need to leave him. I will still go see her not as much but i want to it's just i have chronic illness and ADHD so it's hard for me to bring myself to go 30 minutes by train then walk 30 minutes Or pay for one of those electric scooters to go there. I can't go everyday anyways but I'll try to be there as much as possible and i might (like very little change rn) start a business with him as partners if i do that I'll be close to her everyday. I just don't know if i can do that with him. I don't trust him to treat me as an equal tbh. And i wanted her he got her for me she was gonna be chipped under my name but we were living together back then. Idk man I'm just so lost. She's a dream girl but i can't give her a home at my mom's and can't afford to move out. I hope i don't hurt her too much

  25. It doesn't poison you per se, you die from massive internal hemorrhage and shock. But I wonder if maybe she was referring to infection? Which could happen from decaying tissue, but the fastest cause of death would still be the blood loss.

  26. Could be i was like 7-8 when i heard the story lol. I do know it's deadly tho. Thank you ❤️ it was my father who realized something was wrong apparently and the one to talk to the doctors about it. She's perfectly healthy now

  27. Hemorrhage is the main complication, but occasionally the hemorrhage isn't "that bad" but infection can still set in.

  28. Well she had one ovary taken out before the pregnancy as far as i know due to a tumor which is the reason why i always ask them to take a look at mine when I have a bad lower belly pain

  29. My dog only does that to my bf when she doesn't get attention from him for a few days. It's her way of saying "try to ignore me now daddy-bitch"

  30. Don't do it, you'll feel like garbage afterwards (according to that screenshot)

  31. Yes but only because devil didn't answer.. again.

  32. I thought this is Taylor swift and Eminem? I think the guy i think is Eminem? The guy the singer that looks just like this dude. You know him.

  33. Listen to others when my baby was 2mo to 2.5-3 i didn't know about forced naps i didn't know she needed to sleep more. I knew she was tired but she refused to sleep so i was like she'll sleep when she sleeps. SHE WOULDN'T. Then i learned she need to sleep 18-20 hours. Started to watch her like very closely. She nips and bites hard and gets energy bursts "zoomies" (fun fact i didn't know they're called zoomies and called them zoomies even have a post that states "idk what this is but i call it zoomies lol) and figured she acts that way right before trying to nap for like 10 minutes so i started to watch when it starts and pick her up on my lap cover her and let her sleep. We don't get as much zoomies or bleedy hands anymore and at 4 mo she now knows if she is tired all she has to do is climb on me so she can nap safely and i learned she needs naps in safety

  34. I want him to answer i wait for him to answer.

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