1. Who I want to end the era: Clara Klingenström

  2. I actually believe Theoz will be the one to sing in Swedish for us for the first time in forever. I thought Danny was but he lowkey flopped in 2021.

  3. Sofia Ghavami would be the most obvious choice as a new pro. Katheryna would be great but her English was really bad (last time I checked)

  4. I didn’t know her being bad at English hindered her dancing and teaching abilities

  5. I’ve always mixed up Nordics and Scandinavia. I must’ve been 18 when I figured out which was which

  6. The original looks like the real life version of the houses my little nieces draw. Just need a sun in the corner

  7. Danielle is a crazy bitch but I’ll stan her for a minute if she released those emails and everything she has on them

  8. I don't understand people looking at Margaret's actions in some sort of vacuum. Like Candice in RHOP, Margaret is reacting to Jen going behind her back and calling all the newbies to try to turn them against Margaret before Margaret even had a chance to get to know them. Marge didn't start attacking Jen this season unprovoked. In fact, it was the exact opposite. JEN was starting shit behind the scenes against Marge unprovoked by making those phone calls to the newbies (and meeting with Marge's ex friend who clearly had an ax to grind, for the sole purpose of getting dirt on Marge after they allegedly made up.) Are we also forgetting when Jen did the exact thing to Jackie last season which was why Dolores stopped supporting her?

  9. I’m just saying that Jen is a shit person but Margaret is even shittier. All she does is instigate shit. Jen isn’t a saint but calling Jen a hypocrite because she stayed with Bill after the infidelity while Marge willingly broke up an entire family is what made me dislike her so much

  10. Do you have any response to what I actually argued tho? You read that long post about how Jen was the one who actually instigated stuff with Marge this season and the only response is “Marge is an instigator.” Like, what? This is why I’m so frustrated at this sub!

  11. Not really girl. Stay frustrated though and have a great Saturday

  12. As a swede who won’t accept anything other than us or Finland winning, I’m gonna mass vote on him. Idc. Televote winner 🤩🤩

  13. I applaud anyone who bravely lies to the press like that. Scary but impressive. Waiting for a Bravo insider to come out of the woodwork with the real T.

  14. We need the producers for Porshas family matter to step up again!

  15. She’s lying again. She was afraid of Kenya’s dragging and the backlash from us. That’s why she did her horrible show where she thought production was gonna save her ass again. Instead we saw her real colors.

  16. Lmao I still can’t believe they paired up these two. I knew they were semi okay after season 7 wrapped but such a weird choice

  17. I just heard this on Tamras podcast with the other one!! Apparently it was 2 weeks after season 7 was wrapped.

  18. She hasn’t shared anything after season 5. She’s hypocritical who tries to be messy with everyone and their families but refuses to speak about her own. I truly hope Wendy, Candiace and Karen stays on her ass next season.

  19. She’s insecure about her asymmetrical home and now wants to change it after the public dragged it.

  20. I remember I was disappointed when it won. Denmark and Albania were my favorites that year and I didn't like a single song in the top 5.

  21. I liked Fuego and wouldn’t mind it as a winner. 2018 was a very mid year for me

  22. Fuego was very low in my rankings, I hate those kind of songs. For example, Slow Mo last year and all the "girl bops" in 2021 were at the very bottom of my ranking.

  23. Nah this show is already most likely having a bunch of pros off for maternity leave. No need for another one aka Emma to leave to go and host

  24. I haven’t rooted for my country since Sanna tbh. Last year was the first time in forever and this year obv 🤷🏽‍♀️

  25. My God. I almost dry heaved. Wtf is wrong with her 💀 Leah is so weird

  26. I’d love for him to cohost. Has he shown interest in hosting? The judges should be 3 at all times. Besides, Mark and Derek have been trained similarly so him being a judge doesn’t show a new perspective

  27. Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Ireland right now ❤️

  28. I read the title and you guys’s comments but I still need to reassure myself…Is that her mother in law in the background?????

  29. When Gizelle adds a “AH” after the words. Like when she says “Good morning-AH”

  30. Her “OH MY GOD 😳😳” when announcing Dani and Iman as winners

  31. But Loreen got 3,7 million votes versus Tusse who got 2,9 million.

  32. Melfest 2021 didn't have 2 rounds of voting tho, so Tusse's votes are kinda more impressive.

  33. damn I’m happy for them but it shows what a flop the bachelor franchise is compared to dwts

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