1. That’s what I don’t understand, you said you were this generation’s “Jackie Robinson” or whatever he said, and then when a guy calls you it and other things happen it turns out like this?

  2. I'm also wondering... What if the guy called him was another African-American Player(need to be careful here again... I don't want to get called out), will he say that he is racist? TA is definitely a crown.... No other way to say it.

  3. I agree 100% what if Judge was sitting at second and he said “what’s up Jackie?” Does this thing get blown up like this? I don’t think so.. was always on the fence with TA but after this he’s nothing but a joke to me

  4. This pick is like when you go with dad to pick up his new truck and he's in a good mood so he takes you to pick up that comic book you haven't shut up about for the past several weeks.

  5. Couldn’t describe it any better!

  6. This was such a "why the fuck not?" pick and I couldn't be happier about it.

  7. It just feels different this time around. We've got a GM that values his draft picks, we aren't rushing our picks into the NHL in a futile attempt to win now and ruining their development, we've been able to seemingly hit on picks outside the 1st round, and he's not throwing assets at other teams for "NHL Players". We have a coach who knows how to coach young kids which is vital given the state of the organization, and we've seemingly built a new culture here ever since Eichel left. Its looking up.

  8. Well said! Also throw in Tuch who will be the next captain of the Buffalo Sabres who loves this organization and knows the highs and lows. He is someone who plays for the crest on the jersey

  9. 2nd best moment against the patriots in the recent years (fitzmagic will always be #1) but I’ll always give taking the throne in the playoffs will be #1

  10. For every mid 20 year old he’s living the dream we all had. I mean being young and watching those 2000s Sabres teams and the success they had and being able to put on that emblem is what it’s all about. He doesn’t need to score to help this team you know?

  11. For me playing flooded backyard hockey it was pretending we were the French Connection lol, but absolutely! If I could have gone on to play for real would have been a dream.

  12. That’s my dad favorite player of all time Gilbert Perrault, he wore 11 growing up, I wore 11 until I couldn’t and picked 2 (1+1)

  13. Alright boys let’s put up a fight today!

  14. That’s exactly what I was thinking my friend!

  15. We're officially on Levi watch here in Buffalo.

  16. Think we get a deal done in the next couple days?

  17. Adams is in the building, so I'm sure he's going to talk with him about what Levi wants to do, but its all up to Levi.

  18. If you are Levi what are you doing? Or if you were in his position?

  19. Don’t mind me, visiting Vegas fan here. Every once in a while I pop over here to see how happy my Tuchy is. Just warms the heart!

  20. How do you feel about Eichel?

  21. Yeah dude. There's an energy like the play for each other. It actually feels like a team now rather than just a group of players playing together.

  22. But it’s like we don’t have that one guy we have to rely on each and every night to compete and stay in these games like we aren’t looking at 9 to make a play. We have guys who have something to prove and want to be the guys to make the play (sorry for the rant that might be off topic).

  23. What’s everyone’s favorite ice cream flavor?

  24. Somebody pinch me cause this still feels like a wonderful dream

  25. I’m right there with you!

  26. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  27. I think I miss Dlo the most

  28. Long snappers are people too!

  29. Does anyone else remember the exchange he had with Jake McCabe a few seasons ago? I forget exactly what happened but Tage shot his mouth off in an immature moment and McCabe got in his face and told him he'd never play here again if he acted like that. I've been thinking about that a lot this season and wonder just how much that moment changed him.

  30. If I’m not mistaken some fan was heckling Tage and Tage said shut the fuck up or something like that and McCabe let him have it saying that’s not how we do it. I also want to say in the new embedded he said his wife had cancer years ago and I think that woke him up as well. He doesn’t clarify how long ago she had it and I haven’t looked but that’s a lot of pressure you know? Try and make a name for yourself while you have that happening to someone you love

  31. Yes! That was exactly it. Thank you for jogging my memory. And wow I didn't know he had a wife and that she went through that. That's rough, especially at such a young age.

  32. I think that’s when I first started like becoming a big hater of him because he said thag and just couldn’t produce you know? But now it’s so different and I think he’s 1C of the future

  33. Krebs is feisty though I’m waiting for him to lay a hit one day

  34. The workhorse from Whitehorse!

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