1. The dog knows the owner doesnt use his turn signals, and parks at an angle taking 2 spots

  2. Why? Aside that it was rolled....

  3. Just because it was rolled . It was gently rolled over but it bugs me .

  4. Ok, replace the body panels affected, remove the interior plastic trim to see if any of the pillars look bent or compromised. If it drives down the road straight, and the enginedoesnt have any internal issues, id say keep it.

  5. It was Mother's (the brand....) But im not sure what style (carnauba, or otherwise)

  6. There are a few things to replace on these 22 and older xjs before getting out in the wilderness. What failed here ?

  7. Clutch fan bearing went, the one built into the ac compressor mount. Ended up shredding the serpentine belt once the pulley seized

  8. Ouch !! Its a 15mm socket for the bolt that releases/tightens tension on the pulley itself. If it hasnt had a replaced wAter pump, you might want to do that too.

  9. fibesaa you could wear a t shirt and blue jeans and you would still look beautiful

  10. Thanksgivings will be awkward. "Ok who wants to carve the turkey?"

  11. I think MST3K "covered" this episode

  12. ohhh, Im more of a Joel fan, not to be snobby or anything, Mike is like that little blonde haired kid on The Brady Bunch that looked like John Denver, or Will Huhwhteon on STTNG

  13. its almost, not quite as bad as converting a garage to a bedroom

  14. If you find a 10mm let me know I seemed to have dropped mine 😁

  15. i need the 15mm that dropped into the body channel please

  16. 😍🤗Thank you soo much🤗❤️I love it so much.You are happy and I am happy too❤️Beautiful😍Thank You again🤗❤️

  17. You are so very welcome Fibesaa!

  18. Looks good, its not too bright red which is annoying visually to me

  19. Just talked to her, she still has the dress, believe it or not... let's make a deal.

  20. Im up for it, waiting on jules.....

  21. You know, she really does resemble her.... but I think all blonde chicks in the mid nineties looked somewhat like her...

  22. true, just like the women like to copy the jennifer aniston look, which I highly encourage btw

  23. I know some LED bulb replacements, don't work with the housings well and scatter the light rather than project it properly.

  24. I posted a write up about the exact same topic you are speaking of. Its not my article but its here in this sub. Good reading about headlights and led's vs.

  25. I really like the design of lights, but my inner paranoia would be very concerned about someone "liberating" them off my xj

  26. wearing his Adidas skorts because those are made by union workers in Michigan. Oh and Trump 2020 because Trump has taken money from the Saudi government for the Liv Golf tournament. The Saudi government? The one country solely responsible for 9/11? Oh and killing U.S resident (thank you

  27. she looks like so much trouble, i want her to wreck my life too omg

  28. Furries were popular back then?

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