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  1. about.ups.com/us/en/out-company/leadership.html

  2. Put a piece of tape on a playing card and try to slide it around the marble

  3. Tomorrow’s post will be similar image adding a playing card. Nope!

  4. A better question is how are going to clean that chair?

  5. Don’t hang a painting, let the wall be your canvas.

  6. Here is a neat way to find the center of a circle:

  7. If only I had a 9 foot 45 x 45 x 90 drafting square! Hmmm

  8. Straight edges of wall…mark two center points, one near to and one near bottom.

  9. Light won’t turn on at all. I replaced the light socket, but still no go. My electrical device shows me that there’s power to the socket, but when I plug it in, it disappears. What am I missing here?

  10. Try different device wired up. If it works get a new can.

  11. When you get a group that disputes your agenda items (please feel free to look into Front Line Doctors) the left and their media outlets (almost all of them) Demonize them and attempt to discredit them. The cases of unexplained deaths of young athletes and now the “unexplained respiratory illnesses in young children” being highlighted on Amazon Show news outlets and nobody across the isle wants to even consider the connection between vax and all these unexplained illnesses. Media hasn’t even tried. They are too busy writing “softball” questions Biden. Well, I got just two words for you, “Made in America.”

  12. It can't if they were explicitly told in class to use the larger sum or to use rows, or whatever else.

  13. So this was an assignment to make them fail every problem if they didn’t understand the concept of rows and columns?

  14. Mainly because it’s a crappy way to teach. Not that I am a professional educator, but scenarios that provide some correct responses as well as incorrect tend to reinforce how to do things correctly, not simply make someone fail. As I said, not a professional educator, simply a CEO for a $4m annual budget. Good luck to you all.

  15. It’s your call completely? What a moron. Marriage is a union. You are in it together. Investments are a risk, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Where are you without the $170k? Broke and single?

  16. Bass pro shops, buy Mildew Stain Remover in boat department. Brand is Star Brite. Looks generic, just spray and wait before rinsing. That may require some scrubbing.

  17. They make a small plastic tool to remove aerators.

  18. Wow! She accepted the job and responsibility at the rate they were paying. It doesn’t help anyone to quit without notice. Let’s assume for a minute “building guides” is not part of her job description that would leave training someone during her last two weeks. If it’s that technical and worth 3x her pay, it can’t be trained in two weeks.

  19. Stop taking cash from tenants if it concerns you or have them do wire transfers.

  20. Really? Most are illegal and broke as your sense of reality.

  21. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/nri/migrate/the-costs-of-immigrating-to-the-united-states/articleshow/82966455.cms

  22. I will repeat this, leave if that’s how you feel!

  23. Cut the bag around the edge of shelf. Remove the portion above the shelf and pull the other from below the shelf. If it a single piece wrapped around the edge, you may need to use serrated knife to cut through it.

  24. Try a product called “Awesome” from Dollar Tree. Spray it on, let sit for a minute or two and rub in with wet cloth wrapped around fingers and then rinse out.

  25. Did anything work? Towel on bottom of microwave, place bowls upside down heat a short period of time? Update us.

  26. Drill hole comp size to wood golf tee, wood glue golf tee tapped into hole (lightly). Wait 24 hours, pull out the dowel (hopefully). I also use this to fill and redrill hinge holes.

  27. But he didn’t. No better than the rest.

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