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  2. Well, we have a new Twitter main character. Days Gone was an open world zombie game that was published by Sony in 2019. It received

  3. Wow, Kallie Plagge can't catch a break when it comes to fanboys harassing her over accurate reviews. She previously gave Pokémon Alpha Sapphire a 7.8/10, pointing out that the endless water routes with the same two encounters were tedious and the type balance in the second half of the game was generally whack. Chances are, you've only heard the pithier version of those criticisms.

  4. She also gave Cyberpunk 2077 a 7/10 at launch. She got attacked for it, until people actually played the game for themselves.

  5. Someone unironically posted this on the main sub (including the "friend" part). I think they may have been a certain ban evader that we've banned over 30 times.

  6. This is the same guy who blamed the sequel's cancellation on players who waited for a sale, right?

  7. He complained about how God of War had massive launch day sales and Days Gone didn't.

  8. Man who named the hero of his story Deacon St. John blames anything but writing on why it failed. Can't make this shit up.

  9. Same guy also chastised customers who bought the game on sale.

  10. Microsoft Store is going to leak the release date of Metroid Prime 4.

  11. You know, I can't seem to remember anything particularly stupid that DC did this year? Some comics stuff I thought were bad/bad marketing, but Dark Crisis -> DCOIE hardly feels large enough.

  12. JSA is solicited as a 12-issue maxi, and Wildcats has the "Limited" label, so both of those are limited series. Poison Ivy is ongoing.

  13. That Sonic is at all competing again Elden Ring or God of War is just funny.

  14. It's a fan vote award. It goes to whatever fandom is angry enough to organize mass voting.

  15. Kinda, yeah. Dead Rising's MIA and the last few and upcoming RE games aren't really zombie games. Can't believe I'm saying this but we've kinda been in a zombie drought so far this console gen.

  16. Warhammer 40K games have the best titles. They all have like five different subtitles. Wiki editors must hate them.

  17. the best part is that McFarlane's DC vs. Vampires Batman figure is a Vampire, despite Batman not becoming a vampire in that story. It's entirely based on a variant cover

  18. Better that than being based on something that Otto Schmidt drew.

  19. Best Writer (bald) and Best Writer (not bald)

  20. What categories do you all want to see for this sub's end-of-year awards?

  21. If Xenoblade had gotten snubbed from the main GOTY ballot, the fans would absolutely be voting it to the top.

  22. That's not true, though? The only CoD game in the last five years to get better than a 70s aggregate score was Modern Warfare 2019.

  23. Man really loves putting his own foot in his mouth on Twitter

  24. The switch pro one was amusing because the rumors, especially with Pat on the podcast basically went "the hardware sucks and this game page like crazy. They have to be making a new one." which started during a pandemic with a production delay on parts that could make the next Gen console that was rumored to be coming out. People couldn't get ps5s and still can't, but Nintendo can get what they need to make a console. Really? Lol

  25. The Switch Pro rumor was interesting because

  26. "i am unfamiliar with the dragon quest series and catalogue of snk fighting games therefore this is a wasted character, should have been minor mario character"

  27. So this has been one of my favorite Batman comics of the 2010s, which is surprising as I am not too big on James Tynion's Batman-related work in general. It plays itself mostly straight, as a fairly serious Batman story, with comedy being brought in through the turtles. There's plenty of humor to go around, but at the same time, there is grounding to give the story emotional weight. Tynion finds the perfect threads to weave in between the two franchises, with the importance of family being the important thematic pillar.

  28. https://twitter.com/SophiaNarwitz/status/1598840519140200449?t=G1ZNYc9AT2EkdLQJK4p7OQ&s=19

  29. They copy-pasted the terms from PUBG, and no one checked them because everyone knows that no one reads them. Twitter OP is also one of those outrage-baiters.

  30. In Modern Warfare II, some attachments for a particular weapon are locked behind progression of some entirely unrelated weapons. Some of which are also locked behind progression of other weapons.

  31. most games do no one reads them no one cares and they are not even legally binding.

  32. Looking at the original Twitter OP, I am shocked that they would post outrage bait.

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