1. Kind of annoying how all the recent posts of this leave out the part of the story that he lost I think $4000 on the game.

  2. whether he lost 4k or 100k that doesn’t justify their actions

  3. it boggles me how fragile one’s ego can be rip to those that can no longer see tomorrow because of a couple of man children

  4. a lot of prop planes had their engines in the front

  5. Bit of an idiot, no need to boot his head when he’s out cold in a public place. Sware you can get 5 years for booting someone in the head.

  6. in california you can get an attempted murder charge if you kick someone in the head with shoes of any kind on

  7. Those old cavlery charges must have been brutal...imagine this but scale it up by a few hundred or a thousand.

  8. not to mention the horses used for the charges were probably heftier to also support a fully armored man on top

  9. because people are allowed to play different games when they feel like they aren’t having fun with another anymore

  10. This is the second or third video today I've seen in this sub that I find in most of my pg subs I'm looking for rated R when I come to this sub

  11. this is how the downfall of most gore subs begin, they’ll start out gory and then switch up when reddit starts breathing down their necks and inevitably get banned anyway

  12. The saddest thing is that they left him on the highway...now he won't be able to ask someone to give him a raid

  13. now he can never play raid: shadow legends

  14. Fair enough, l'll get unemployed and then try to burn through my resources to a point where I need to catch a bus and maybe then they'll tell me about the short bus, like does it take visa etc.

  15. i know a group of lawless cunts that live up in the tunnels if you wanna take your chances

  16. This has nothing to do with Black face , black face is American and zwarte Piet has nothing to do with that. Some people of coller have no spine

  17. And while we’re at it, let’s punish hindu and Buddhists for using swastika! I don’t care it’s ancient! It’s still a nazi symbol!

  18. lmaooo cause buddhists and hinduism played a big roll in the 3rd reich, you sound like you ride the short bus

  19. i’ve played this game on acid a few separate times and i swear it made me 100x better than when i play sober

  20. If you're gonna be dumb you gotta be tough.

  21. when you get knocked down you gotta get back up

  22. i love that all the bystanders formed a little arena so the guy couldn’t escape

  23. elon fired a guy that worked for twitter for correcting him publicly on twitter but elon told him to. elon then went on to use that former employee’s ideas for twitter

  24. THANK YOU, the plastic mask looks like ass and the ghost squad skins for MP are just as stupid

  25. that’s usually it besides buying steel packs

  26. Because you occasionally get put in matches against very bad players and it serves as an ego boost?

  27. well the opposing team don’t even have 5 kills combined and each have 1 zone capture, i THINK it’s safe to say they just had a bad game

  28. Someone needs to unite the knights and samurai and just STOMP the Vikings for once.

  29. it looked like the knights and samurai had some sort of alliance during the first round of this season but some how the vikings turned it around

  30. An F1 driver is on a closed track purpose built for fast driving, dumbass. They are not weaving around innocent third parties. How is this distinction not obvious to you?

  31. is that it? are ya done throwing your lil tantrum?

  32. I don't feel bad when those people are injured doing those things, because that's how risk works.. The difference is, in a boxing ring they're consenting to what's going on, in an MMA match too, nascar, all of them.

  33. it’s worse than i thought… again: saying someone deserves to die or get hurt for doing things they enjoy is beyond shitty. yes going 200 on a motorcycle is pure stupidity but the only person he’ll hurt is himself, clearly. it’s not like there’s statistics that show how much more likely you are to die on a motorcycle comparative to car accidents. you’re assumptions are extremely cute and no i do not ride motorcycles, i do think they’re pretty neat tho

  34. Goddamn I constantly forget that people might die from falls like these...

  35. it’s always boggled me how resilient but also fragile we can be

  36. which side are you taking the asier or the jötunn ?

  37. I stand ready to answer Odin’s call. Let the Valkyrie’s carry me home to Valhalla.

  38. when heimdall sounds the gjallarhorn i hope to be shoulder to shoulder with you on the battlefield, skal !

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