1. because she's worked with and defended a lot of horrible people in the past, including 6ix9ine and Dr Luke, who are people we should not be supporting as conscious consumers.

  2. i love this!! i haven't listened in full yet but it truly feels like such a triumph and a fantastic way to celebrate 50 number ones. some really fantastic remixes in there too! i love the way it starts at the beginning of her career and progresses. just fantastic!!

  3. love Emei! this doesn't top That Girl in my opinion, but I still really like it!

  4. I do great with authority, when it has been determined that the power has been placed in the right hands. Same goes for rules: I love rules that can be justified. I just don't tolerate bullshirt.

  5. are you a fellow The Good Place fan, or are you just saying bullshirt? haha

  6. I think it really needs an Aussie/Kiwi host like most of the Non American fanchises. I am American and enjoy the ones with a local host so much more

  7. completely agree! Kita and Anita hosting it would be so great since they have such great understanding of AU & NZ drag that Ru & Michelle just naturally don't have, as well as bucketloads of charisma.

  8. I ain’t gonna lie to you, people on here need to understand there is no ethical consumption. The clothes you wear are probably made through child labor, or the battery in your phone, which needs Lithium, something acquired also through child labor. So, instead of going on your phone or laptop, powered by the unpaid labor of starving children, to complain about ethical media consumption, just ignore the damn song.

  9. true but by this logic we can't do ANYTHING ethically. most of us need computers for our jobs, school, mental health etc. and a lot of people can't afford ethical clothing, or just don't know about the movement, and people simply need clothes. we don't need songs produced by abusers when there are songs not produced my abusers. that's the big difference.

  10. I 100% relate to this omgggg thank you for making me feel seen

  11. you're not special babe by orla gartland & daisies by katy perry are my fave songs!

  12. Don’t wanna be that guy, but confidence and having an ego are two similar but different things. I’d say Jay Z and Beyoncé fall into the latter category

  13. i love Bey and renaissance but have people here heard her & Jay's joint album EVERYTHING IS LOVE? half of it is just bragging about their riches. people who make albums with many songs like that definitely have some level of ego. doesn't mean they're bad people, or that playfully bragging is bad, it just does make them come across a bit egotistical.

  14. that's awesome! super happy for you! :)

  15. i don't really have any advice but i just wanted to say i totally get you. i feel like a failure too so at least we're in it together! i hope things turn around for you sometime soon, even if it seems impossible! <3

  16. YES!!! literally all my interests. i love collecting cds & vinyl, which is incredibly expensive considering the amount i always want to buy, AND i'm obsessed with a roblox game called pet simulator x and they recently put out a toy line and they just keep putting out more and i have to buy it ALL but i literally cannot afford it!! lol!!

  17. Meghan Trainor has a new album dropping that day too. girlie can't win!

  18. i totally get this. thanks for making me feel seen. <3

  19. joint album SHE/H.E.R coming soon?

  20. I’m just stating how the lyric makes me feel. If you’re unaffected by it in that way, then fine, but for someone like me who has had OCD induced castration anxiety since childhood, it makes me uncomfortable. I tried to leave my personal reasons for not liking it, but since you feel I’m “taking it too seriously,” well there’s the reason why.

  21. oh my god i'm so sorry to see you're getting so much crap in this thread for stating your opinion! i can totally relate to being triggered by lyrics like this and whether that means lizzo should've kept in it or not it doesn't matter, you shouldn't be getting made fun of/given so much shit for explaining why you don't like it. love the true blue flair btw :)

  22. While Katy designs her shoes (likely with collaborators), it's highly unlikely she does anything beyond that point. There are entire groups of people who handle the sourcing of materials and workers. She may not even be aware of these things. I really don't know.

  23. good point! thanks for your comment :)

  24. you need to stop assuming anything made in a certain country is a red flag. some yes, but not all. sweatshops exist in “first world” countries too.

  25. fair points! thank you for your comment :)

  26. this probably isn't exactly what you're looking for, and you might know of her if you're involved in the metal scene, but a great bridge from the metal world to the pop world is Poppy. she has 4 albums and a bunch of EPs that dabble between dance-pop, bubblegum pop and synth-pop, all the way to metalcore, nu-metal and rock. my top poppy recommendations would be the Am I A Girl? album (pop & nu metal), the Choke EP (alt pop & nu metal) the I Disagree album (ranges from heavy metal to industrial to pop) and the EAT EP (primarily metalcore). she's a super diverse artist with a fantastically unique style.

  27. Madonna “Confessions on A Dance Floor” Non-Stop Mix.

  28. yesss! i HATE how they got rid of it!

  29. yeah, sorry should've specified that 😅

  30. no orla gartland, damn! was hers not filmed?

  31. i rlly like this! it's super chill and easy to listen to even with the subject matter.

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