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  1. That sound exactly like what I feel. It’s especially bad if I had a very vivid dream, it feels like I literally was transported to another reality then thrown back into this one. It fucks with my head for a good hour

  2. I can’t feel excitement or joy if I am in a bad DR episode. I’d love to get “excited” about being in a “video game” but it just isn’t possible

  3. When I wanted to move to Marbella I went to the social security office with my then partner (Spanish) the first suggestion was to get married. The second and longer suggestions were drawn out including having a degree for work the Spanish government looks as necessary. You’re other option is to get your TEFL and try to get a job teaching English. But as an American who moved to, and still lives in the South of Spain, it’s not an easy process. Even after I was married the paperwork, bureaucracy was drawn out. You won’t be able to get a (real) job without being legally able to be here (as an American you have a 90 day tourist visa). You might be able to find some side work, but that would be tough too. The other thing you can do is find a college program from the States that is partnered with Spain, and get a student visa, that would allow you to stay longer.

  4. I’ve been thinking about checking out a college program like that. Thanks for all the info!

  5. Someone says cloud type company, in Seattle, not Microsoft — Tableau would not be my first guess.

  6. I used to be best friends with the son of the founder of Tableau and he used to talk to us about this startup he was working on. The son switches school a year or so before the company started, but I remember being shocked when I thought to look him up one day. So that’s why I thought of it 😊

  7. Botswana… just something about it..

  8. Is there anything that anyone would recommend getting graded? I'm pretty new to collecting so I'm not sure if it would be worth paying to grade any of these since most look well circulated.

  9. I wouldn’t recommend grading any of these, as none of them are super valuable, but I’d bring the Thaler to the coin store and get it checked out, could be worth some money

  10. That 1858 eagle penny is nice. And it looks like you maybe have a nice Maria Thaler coin! So much silver. I am very jealous. All those coins are beautiful and precious.

  11. I went to help clean out this old abandoned house and I got to keep these bills as well as some old coins and tools I found. I wasn't expecting to get paid, especially not with this, but I think it made my 12 hours of work worth it.

  12. LOL. Good luck finding an imam that’ll do that.

  13. I know two half Somali half European people and they have had a fine time traveling in Somalia and talking to people

  14. Fake article if I’ve ever read one

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