1. the graphics sucks, and the game is unoptimized.

  2. What brand of thermal paste you used? As most thermal paste on the market have a "Pump Out effect" due to thermal paste have low viscosity or low thickness hence it is not recommended to be used for laptops generally.

  3. I used a GD007 to replace the stock thermal paste. It's the best performing thermal paste I've used so far to my laptop and desktop. Also, I will test thermal pads soon to see if it will be okay since it's the recommend thing to use in these parts. The only reason why I think asus applied thermal paste was to cut cost

  4. I knew the small battery models could come with a 2.5 inch drive bay and either 1 or 2 nvme slots, but I didn't know they could omit the drive bay and leave in the 2 nvme and tiny battery. Could someone have swapped the battery out before you got the computer?

  5. I found a guy with the same configuration as mine. Mine came out with win11 out of the box

  6. Well either way I'm sure you can buy the bracket and cable or the bigger battery and swap it in. I haven't had any problems with battery life on my tiny battery model, and it even has the i5 10300h, which is not an efficient chip

  7. hmm I don't think I will be able to use an hdd in this case since the cable socket is missing, but a battery upgrade seems to be a good option (idk why it's small in the first place, I'm using a ryzen 4800h + rtx 3050)

  8. call the police, there could be an abandoned child there

  9. and your first idea was to tell it on reddit than on your boyfriend?

  10. Use tube cutters. You can buy it on your local hardware stores for 200ish

  11. Try the Shimano RS100. I’m running them with 700c x 40 tires. 24h lang siya though

  12. Mtb threaded ba to? Compatible yung common na thread type na 68mm BB basta 1 spacer lang gagamitin mo. Pag 68mm shell kasi gagamitin mo lahat nung tatlo.

  13. tama to, pwede 68mm BB. pero panigurado, anong frame ba at anong BB at crank ang nakakabit ngayon?

  14. kakabitan ko nalang ko nang hollowtech na may spacers since walang spacers yung square tapered bottom brackets sa online shops.

  15. not really, you're normal. But I think if you grow some sponge curl hair that has a fade

  16. Does she still have her safe hopkick option select?

  17. the only hopkick she has is UF +4,3... very unsafe and easy to spot....

  18. You can press the 3 in such a way that if the 4 is blocked, it won't come out (making it safe) and if the 4 hits the 3 comes out. No risk, heavy reward

  19. you can try going to steam controller settings and uncheck xbox configuration support

  20. the first time I played witcher, I move the mouse a lot during cutscenes, somehow it just felt natural

  21. hei with the wall ewgfx2, f+2,3 , bf+2,3, , f+2,3(or bf+1,2) , wall, 1, b+2, rd, d+4

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