The WNBA is actually pretty fun if you keep an open mind

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  1. Thx brotha any advice? Imma have to buy a pipe too will I be able to find one

  2. No advice. And I've not bought any there myself. But it's Mexico, it shouldn't be hard to find someone selling. Word of advice about this subreddit though, these kind of subjects are downvoted a lot. Good luck on your search!

  3. Lol let them downvote. Ik it’s easy to find in Mexico only concern is this isnt a big city or anything but it’s a cruise ship port

  4. Removed. Do not post about this topic again.

  5. Congratulations, you just earned a permeant ban. I'm the Moderator.

  6. Dak... yep opinion discarded lol. Mahomes, Allen, Brady, and Rodgers are a consensus top 4. As a chargers fan ill even hear arguments for guys like Russ, Lamar, and Burrow over Herbert. The second you come saying Dak Prescott is a better QB than Herbert with all the help that dude has had i know you're off your rocker.

  7. Staffords better than Herbert burrow and lamar

  8. A'ja, KP, EDD (obviously more difficult to say because she misses games), Skylar, Sab

  9. Lool I back the edd pick probably the best in the league for a couple of years there. Haven’t watched much mystics this year would you say she’s fallen off at all?

  10. Back In 2015 asap rocky Tyler the creator Vince staples and Danny brown all toured together. To this day regret not going when they came to Toronto

  11. Crazy thing is the guys who go out there way to hate on the W and make long Reddit comments saying why it sucks and comment sexist shit on wnba twitter posts and make YouTube video essays explaining why it sucks have probably never even seen one game

  12. I think it was Bill Burr that said this, but there are nearly 160 million women in the U.S. alone and yet somehow the WNBA still has to fight for support?

  13. Poor Kings man. They got fucked so hard.

  14. I stopped watching basketball after 2002 but I’m sure the kings bounced back just fine

  15. Simmons should’ve made it 2018 too. Fucking dragic and drummond made it over him lol.

  16. As much as I love JH I think having Biles up there is badass

  17. Mans literally won a WS for Houston it’s Altuve no question

  18. Legit the only ring since the black Sox scandal that I would consider fake

  19. Look at my comment history I responded to some absolute clown shit regarding ad today lmao

  20. This is so embarrassing but it’s reminded me of when I’d read that Kim dated Reggie Bush then eventually saw a picture of him and was confused about why George Bush’s son was black 😳 idk I’m not American

  21. Dude this sub despises Kyler cause he’s small and doesn’t watch enough film, you’re surprised AD is hated when he’s literally assaulted people on field on multiple occasions?

  22. Nfc west fans looove exaggerating Aaron Donald’s occasional fight. Literally assaulted people on the field I’m fucking dead bruh.

  23. Too bad he can't stop himself from choking a dude when he's upset. Who gives a fuck if he's playing hurt. That is some next level shit, dude.

  24. You’re spouting complete nonsense. Enjoy another first round exit this year followed by Rodgers leaving.

  25. Sixers had a lot more problems than Simmons when they lost to the hawks he was just an easy scapegoat cause most Philly fans eat glue if I’m being honest.

  26. I said before this Stafford news that the Rams would miss the playoffs and this only cements that. Their defense is old and they don’t have the urgency anymore.

  27. I know Democrats weren't doing a victory lap for January 6th witchhunts. /s like I said, the pendulum swings both ways. Reality check- people like to get digs in on people they don't like when they fuck up.

  28. Does anyone know if we can still watch tnf on cable in Canada?

  29. Good chance our defense gets worse with von leaving and some question marks in the secondary. But the offense is going to look a lot better this season.

  30. Lol I love how you and the other rams fan who have commented so far have said pretty much the opposite things

  31. I see his point the Ernest Jones Wagner lb tandem does have potential to make this defense even better.

  32. All imma say is that viper the og pop smoke

  33. 2 is really stupid when you consider the bills are win now

  34. This narrative is ridiculous and I see if everywhere. People need to look at the depth chart and see who is signed to long term deals before “Allen’s rookie contract is over and Von signed a big contract”

  35. Not just about the rookie contract. If you have a team that can win the super bowl you prioritize that instead of development

  36. Who is the second best DT right now? Is it Vita Vea or am I forgetting someone obvious

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