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  1. Wait until January and you might have closer options.

  2. Wait until they open another one at the empty El Torrito.

  3. I hope they condemn that building. It’s had sewage problems since at least the 90s when I worked there.

  4. It will probably get turned into housing with how things in Simi are going. /s Have any pictures from El Torrito when you worked there?

  5. Also, nobody deserves that plumbing. Rich or poor it’s disgusting and needs to be fixed before occupying it again.

  6. Yesterday there were probably a little more than 100 swarming and cawing at the wood ranch area on Madera. I’m used to seeing a lot of crows all at once but yesterday was so insane that I genuinely thought something died and they were all coming for it. Was truly amazing to see and hear. I also love crows SO much, so much that I have one tattooed on me :) I hope they start showing up for you again. I love that you feed them that’s so cool!

  7. As soon as I get a source of income (disabled) I plan to get one tattooed on my shoulder and maybe more than one eventually! They’ve been my sanity and my buddies through some really hard times. A constant in my life.

  8. Sometimes I used to see them from the moorpark college campus. But I don’t know if there’s any greenery for them to eat nowadays

  9. They will eat whatever is available. I provide a healthy diet of kitten food, seeds, nuts, and no sugar added dried fruit. I’ve considered dehydrating chicken livers for them but I’ve noticed if they food is TOO good they get a little competitive and I don’t want to encourage aggression. It seems like if I provide enough variety consistently they aren’t possessive of it and will even allow squirrels to share with them occasionally if it’s spread apart several feet instead of put in a pile.

  10. You are brave! Good luck with this human garbage. This happens way too often, and we don't and can't do anything. Anyone else here been SA when in the care of a dr, nurse, etc?

  11. I was SA by a Dr repeatedly when I was 10 years old in a psych hospital. He said it was part of my exam and inserted his fingers in my V and A every day “just to check and make sure it was normal” - this was 33 years ago and I’m just starting to be able to talk about it. Not my only SA but the only one by a Dr.

  12. There’s some truth to it. Marijuana delays gastric emptying which is why it helps many people with nausea. Think a similar mechanism to Zofran. You can decrease the chances of it worsening GP by taking occasional tolerance breaks to reset your system. I was advised to discontinue cannabis usage before my GES since it may show a false abnormal. But…everyone’s different. I personally use MMJ and find it helps stimulate my appetite enough to eat a little bit. Listen to your body. I understand it’s frustrating, but CHS is much more common than GP and seen more frequently in ER’s. You can’t blame them for making the assumption.

  13. I don’t believe the hot water thing at all because I’ve been using that trick for migraines for about 30 years and I’ve only been having CVS/GP for about 10 years. I cycle between as hot as I can stand and then gradually turn it to the coldest setting and back to hot several times until I feel better. Sometimes there is vomiting in the shower. I vomit a lot with migraines too, always have. I definitely did not smoke weed as a teenager with migraines. I started it when it was recommended by my MS specialist in my 30s.

  14. I know, but if you are a heavy MJ smoker you get a lot of “must be CHS”

  15. Or climbing the stairs and not being able to tell if the creaks are you or the stairs

  16. I found out that there are IV clinics (sometimes called IV therapy) in my area that I can go to instead of the ER… saved a few hundred dollars every time, because yeah. I know the ER is only going to give me fluids and send me away. Anyways - IV clinics - they advertise to pregnant women and people with hangovers and older folks normally, but they’ve been generally empathetic and very kind to me when I explain why I’m there and the fact that I can’t eat or drink well during a flair. The IV’s can be plain fluids or also have extra vitamins and stuff like that that helps when you’re super depleted. Still costs money, but not as costly as the hospital (if you’re in the US like me).

  17. I wish those worked for me. Without the full cocktail of strong pharmaceuticals I can’t break a cycle.

  18. I disagree, it's not individualism or communities. It's a nationwide issue. The worst part is it's all over, but there are groups you can find that will help, you just need to find the ones that align with your ideology (religious, national, fraternal, educational, etc.) Family is what we make it, not what we are born with. Let go of your huge family goals and start building your own close knit family.

  19. You are completely missing my point. Depression is caused by isolation. Isolation is driven by toxic individualism. Toxic individualism is driven by capitalism. I suggest that going back to a more communal way of living where people are always around to support and help each other and provide for each other without selfishness is the cure. Unfortunately this does not exist so we are in the midst of societal collapse.

  20. You really see through all the bs, don't you! Humans are social creatures. We need community.

  21. I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, the first line sounds a little bit like it might be, but if not, thank you. I’m alienated and an outcast because most people disagree. I believe that’s because they’ve been indoctrinated by capitalism for generations but that’s just my opinion. I just know what would be right for me and what I think would work best for society as a whole, but I can’t claim to know for sure. I just know what feels right and wrong.

  22. What kind of oil and lotions? This is my routine too but I can’t quite find the right combo.

  23. Bag Balm. It uses the oils from sheep’s wool and petroleum. They use it for chapped cow udders but it works wonders on eczema.

  24. Gen X here and it feels like the cavalry has finally arrived. Thank you all, we’ve been at their mercy for our whole lives!

  25. Young Gen X here and I can’t wait for my Gen Z kid to vote for the first time in 2024! Some of them are little twats still but I’ve seen a lot of evidence that they are way smarter than anyone gives them credit for and truly want a just society.

  26. My hearing was 40 minutes long, on video.

  27. Oh yeah there is no way I’m going to make it through that. My psychologist already submitted a letter that she doesn’t recommend me going before the judge at all due to my fragile mental health and that it would be dangerously traumatic for me to participate in the process, but my attorney hasn’t said yet how much that will influence the process. I have already had one attempt to unalive myself and a separate hospital visit for severe stress and hopelessness since I found out I would be going before a judge and that I can’t have people in the room to support me. I don’t know if I’m going to make it to the hearing. My main motivation is the dependent benefits for my child but I have no quality of life so I’m ready to leave this earth and don’t want any more stressful or painful experiences.

  28. Don't give up! Listen to your Lawyer and hope it goes your way. Fight til the very end!!

  29. Fight till the end for not enough money to survive on and loss of all public benefits… I wish I could just go back to work. This is all awful all around. I want to work more than anything, abd go back to school to further my career, but it’s simply not possible. I grieve it everyday. It’s been 6 years.

  30. I disclosed on our first date. I was already on leave from work but sincerely hoping to improve enough to return. He went home that night and researched the shit out of it. 6 years later, I have the man who stood by me and held my hand through the worst of everything, including other surprise illnesses along the way that would have sent most men running. I’m of the belief that you have to show your cards upfront and be wholly honest about who you are to weed out the ones who would just be wasting your time.

  31. I used to pretend I was never sick so I didn’t have to take shots of cognac when I was a kid. I remember being tipsy in kindergarten. If it was freezing out there was no escape. Still can’t touch cognac to this day.

  32. It’s my drink of choice because of my grandparents always giving it for a cough. It’s like comfort food now. I hate alcohol in general and my stomach hates it even more but I will sip a cognac just about any time it’s offered.

  33. This is definitely not suicide. It’s just choosing the course of your treatment. I would decline treatment myself if it would end my life. But all it does is slow progression and make me more comfortable so I’ll take it. It’s not changing the length of my potential lifespan. Unfortunately I’m not in a situation where anything I have is terminal, just progressively disabling.

  34. You’re probably right, I just expected it to wear off quicker since it was just the one dose. Wish I could bottle up this energy boost and sprinkle it throughout my week! Such a nice change from the usual way I feel and a relief to not have any side effects from the infusion. I was nervous going into it, and it’s such a nothing burger so far!

  35. Technically you can bottle it up and sprinkle it throughout the week, but it’s super unhealthy if used for any length of time. When I was between DMTs for a while my MS specialist had me on 6 mg dexamethasone 2-3 days a week and it kept me alive and functional but I gained massive weight and had lowered wound healing ability pretty quickly into it.

  36. I'm lucky enough to have a supportive SO. I let him know right up front that I have Cyclic vomiting syndrome and he wanted to be with me anywhere. Been together for 3 years now. I'm sorry you're SO isn't supportive.

  37. This was what broke up my marriage. I should have known by how he treated me when I was sick during the 5 years we were together before we got married- but I never thought I would get multiple serious illnesses and be truly unable to sail the ship. He was not one who could earn/manage the money and get the bills paid, clean the house, even take care of simple meals abc laundry until I left his ass and he was forced to. I’m better off alone than with him, but I did find new love. After 6 years together, my disabilities are piling up and I have been critically ill this year, and I also became homeless which my bf cannot help with since he is now my caregiver and it doesn’t pay enough. I am living in a hotel provided by the county until I get SSDI. I also get food stamps. And my bf buys everything else I need.

  38. Anyone else selectively throw up? It’s like the stomach has a separator in it and only allows some things to pass.

  39. I finally gave up the ghost and filed for disability in August 2020. I miss work and making money and not feeling like a drain on everyone I love.... Hope you figure something out! ❤️

  40. Have you been approved yet? I filed in Dec 2018, got my first 2 denials within the first year, and my hearing is finally coming up next month.

  41. I worked in a medical lab until I literally couldn’t drive myself to work anymore. On my last day of attempting work I had to pull over when I was almost there and have someone come get me. They would not comply with any of the accommodations I needed other than allowing me extended leave. No part time, no light duty, no change in position to a less strenuous job, nothing. They insisted it would be a significant hardship on the department. So I waited, hoping I would recover enough to return to work but my condition only worsened and I eventually applied for SSDI. I was denied twice and I have a hearing coming up next month. Even if I get it I have no idea how I’ll survive on the pittance they’ll give me because I’ll lose access to all other social support because “too much money” while my total monthly income isn’t even enough to rent a room. I’m definitely panicking.

  42. My cats are welcome to eat my face whenever they want, alive or dead. They know I'd forgive them anyway.

  43. I have it too, even though I “don’t like cats” - I recently was compelled to feed (someone else’s) begging cat tiny bites of steak from my own fork in the middle of dinner.

  44. Pain is the first thing I notice when I wake up every day. It sucks. The only time I did not have it is when I died (obviously, was brought back). I remember the first sensation was there was no pain. It was such a relief and bliss. I was mad when then brought me back because I have terrible anxiety and pain every single day. Those were both gone when I was dead.

  45. I didn’t die but a hospital accidentally overdosed me on dilaudid and as I was losing consciousness it was the best feeling ever… but as soon as they shoved the oxygen mask in my face and got me more awake the pain came roaring back. I wish they would have just let me go. I’ve been in life threatening situations before and I wish they would just let me go. I need an advance directive.

  46. Exactly - hotels know what their average day of cancelation rate is and will oversell by that amount.

  47. So what if they oversell a little too much and too many people show up? What do they do when they don’t have enough rooms? They can’t exactly bump you to the next flight and give you a voucher.

  48. Is it long enough to braid? Will she tolerate it being braided all night? That’s the best suggestion I’ve seen.

  49. Yes - I’d been weening off of social media anyway, but after being diagnosed this week, I had to delete bc I kept feeling bitter about people’s happy posts or dismissive of their hardships (ex. “Being a new mum is so isolating,” etc.).

  50. My attorney’s assistant does that when I call the office. Complains about her aches and pains and how hard it was to move houses over the weekend and then come back to work right away. I finally told her it was really insensitive to speak to disabled people that way and I would recommend to her boss that she take some sensitivity training. She’s pretty new and not very professional.

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