1. Is this off the pump? Or do you have a shutoff on the pump?

  2. Shutoff at pump. That’s my old core removal tool. Have a new one with vac port now.

  3. Another one from same lot. I know it’s Switzerland but does anyone know the meaning?

  4. Picked this up in a recent lot. Wasn’t sure if it was military or Boy Scout or motorcycle club? Seems too fancy for Boy Scout.

  5. Wtf. I don’t think you’re smart enough to use a meter

  6. We cannot make it. You interested in our vip passes? Early access, private bathrooms, vip seating, etc. hate to see them go to waste. Free of course just want another fan to enjoy the experience.

  7. This is a Tiffany Rococo candlestick. Not Sterling unfortunately. They sell for about 350 a pair. My guess online it would bring $100 or so to someone needing a match.

  8. It’s a match safe. Just a advertising one that companies gave out.

  9. Lincoln? My guess would be a president also. Killer piece

  10. If you are selling anything I’m a buyer in the AC Williams devil bank. I would do $700. Message me if interested.

  11. You have red wire hooked to rc. That’s cooling hook it to rh that’s heat

  12. It’s a lodge Dutch oven. Handle on top is dead give away of early lodge.

  13. Probably the blue common wire. What do the relays go to. Keep it simple. Rewire it conventional and add a common if enough wires. Any wiring diagram on unit?

  14. Agree. This looks like some hack work. I'd find out what the purpose of this mess is and find a simple way to do it. Don't over complicate things.

  15. I agree didn’t want to start over but I think that’s the best option.

  16. Unfortunately these were added later so not shown in diagram

  17. I’ve seen propress in Boston area since late 90s. More common here now then soldering by far.

  18. Must be the fact they didn’t just attach circulator directly to water heater. Instead the have all that weight sitting on a unnecessary piece of cpvc.

  19. That pump ain’t doing shit

  20. Actually with that kit there’s two braided supplies and a tee that go under a sink upstairs near shower.

  21. Definitely a Handel shade 200-300 in my area. Base looks cleaned or stripped. I would say 250-350 retail.

  22. They sold cococola benches at Walmart ?

  23. Yes do some research. Go on any of the sign collectors pages on Facebook and ask. These were licensed by Coca Cola to be make for Walmart. It’s not old.

  24. Well I mean it isn’t new but it’s not the 1930-1940s ones. It’ll fit perfect near my grandpas really old coke machine that works we use for drinks all the time. He has like 3 of them from 1990 or older I’ve never checked but I can tell they are old. Drinks in if are like 75 cent

  25. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/30445-coca-cola-bench

  26. I’m sure others will chime in but no dogs on beaches till after Labor Day.

  27. Anode rod in water heater is breaking down making gas inside tank. Is it by chance a new water heater? May need aluminum anode rod instead of magnesium

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