1. i honestly think she would’ve made the same decision. she was the closer to ellie than joel during their short time together in boston. she probably would’ve come to love her as well.

  2. I instinctively read this in Matt Berry's Laszlo voice.

  3. I honestly think this is an Old Man McGucket memory wipe scenario. He’s already so simple minded that the wipes don’t affect him that bad.

  4. genuinely wasn’t expecting that twist!! they nail it again!!

  5. No question but jesus christ even the menu screen looks improved. That lighting.

  6. Yeah, I think Ellie hallucinating him makes sense. Given that her hand was shaking before she played guitar- meant that something traumatic already happened, like

  7. I wonder what it would be like if they incorporated Ellie having hallucinations in the game, with them getting more vivid as her bloodlust increased. That would’ve been cool to see!

  8. Not a common word, but I realized I was mispronouncing “Nostradamus” like 2 days ago.

  9. This ones stupid and not remotely serious: Planet of the Apes. Like theres just a colony of smart apes the characters run into and have to fight.

  10. and then they go on with their task like it’s a normal occurrence, only for it to never happen again.

  11. 10 gallon, yes heater and filter, tank stays at around 78-80, haven’t had time to test but all past readings show 0,0,<5 will test as soon as i can, i’ve had him for 3 months and have had the tank for almost a year, i do water changes once a week, i alternate between pellets and flakes, tank has drift wood and live plants

  12. Is he acting happy/swimming around normally?is he active and eating well? Have his fins looked like this since you got him or is it a new issue?

  13. thank you! yes i have some aquarium salt on hand from past fish! i’ll try it asap! thank you!!

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