1. You're a commando infiltrating an alien base, with your trusty cyanide pill in case things go awry. I love this one, it might have been the best science fiction roguelike of its day. It's got so many commands, and so much to find down there. It did Nethack proud.

  2. Nobody cares about the fact that over half of the episode created a paradox that you can't undo by changing the words at the end.

  3. You severely don't understand valves structure. There are no dedicated devs. People work on projects that most interests them. So if no one is interested in vr right now.... Well you get no updates. Steam deck ate everyone there for the time being. Maybe people are filtering back out to different projects.

  4. Problem's not the understanding of their structure, problem is that their structure is really bad for certain things like making sure that the squeaky wheel gets greased because maybe nobody is bothering to get close enough to the wheels to hear them squeak. They can't reliably provide a minimum level of support because of it, even though it allows them to do a lot of cool stuff. It's just the downside of setting things up that way, and I have heard they sometimes have to hire outside of the flat file to make sure certain things get done because of it. When you're trying to support a product it just isn't enough to have nobody who is actually dedicated to them.

  5. The joys of not having to report to investors. Not going public is the best thing that could ever happen to Valve.

  6. Unfortunately it looks like it turned into a case of so many cooks in the kitchen they forget that they're supposed to be making food. The highest paid game developers in the world who stopped making games...

  7. It's just not that simple, you're not going to eliminate the paradox that was created by changing the ending. You can't take fuel from Family Gordon's timeline and then erase him by going back further. I know the production reads this subreddit and is just ignoring that.

  8. Yeah, I've been saying for a long time that FOS being abandoned by Gunfire is one of the greatest crimes in VR gaming history. I've written emails to them, encouraging them to consider making a quest port or selling the rights to someone else to do it (like In Death), or to push out an update for the PC version to address bugs at least... Never got a response.

  9. They had some great launch titles and I kind of felt like they could have done a lot more with them and just stopped short. Their latest release is a remaster of Chronos, even! Wish they had kept working on VR.

  10. 3 years maybe, 5 years definitely. OLED microdisplays are coming faster than you think - emagin prototype was a 4k 2.1” 1200nit OLED panel from 2019.

  11. The display tech is already beyond the ability of top end GPUs to render full scale at full framerate for. There needs to be some hardware revolution to hit the pie in the sky marks.

  12. You waited until you could get them in the same box?!

  13. That's very very dangerous, there can be so many diseases and dangerous bacteria in the feces.

  14. It all got sent through the recycler by the time the Belters were Belters.

  15. They still extracted fuel from A2025 Gordon's timeline. They don't get to erase the paradox by changing anything other than the fact that they used fuel from their visit to Family Gordon's world to make the next jump back. They have to change a lot more than the words they say at the end to break their paradox.

  16. nice! my IRL boat I live on is named Rocinante. No I didn't name it. It was named in 1968 by it original owner. I'm obviously stoked nonetheless 😉

  17. Must have been Holden's forefather, on one of those many sides.

  18. 2th says:

    Did OP claim they didn't make it? Nope. They just posted it. And we have proof they didn't make it. So you don't want people to be decent and give proper credit for things?

  19. You are way out of line making it a credit issue, it's a meme. You don't get to decide who the OP was and you don't get to whine because it was shared without KNOWING who the OP was.

  20. 2th says:

    If you aren't the creator, be a decent person and give credit where credit is due. So no, not a bit harsh. Just the right amount of it.

  21. Are you seriously trying to bring the weight of copyright down on MEMES?

  22. The ship seems unaffected as it moves. The dysonium probably wasn't affected. Ed still remembers alt-Gordon after all.

  23. Exactly, they can't erase Alt-Gordon without significantly changing the events of the episode.

  24. They have to retcon the entire refueling sequence for that.

  25. The bus stops being efficient when it gets bigger than a train.

  26. Oculus kit is over two thirds of the whole userbase of SteamVR yet they're still treated like garbage in this sub?

  27. I know, but to me it still doesn't really outweigh the costs of dedicated gear-belts, especially since it's only one simple and quick operation that you can also do on location.

  28. They don't belong on the bus, but they do belong on belts in certain situations. One gear assembler is enough for a 10 red science assemblers, so it's silly to run iron to them instead of gears. For the copper wire, you have to direct insert it to keep up with green circuit assembly, but one copper wire assembler is good for six red circuit assemblers. So it is then silly to belt the copper instead of the copper wire.

  29. All the day-time soaps like General Hospital, Good Morning America, and The View are going to be artificially high in their rankings, broadcast network bias and all...

  30. The subtle optical illusion of a darker ring in the circles is pretty neat.

  31. Maybe things would be different if SteamVR users weren't so goddamn hostile toward people who are using headsets that don't say Valve on them. Work toward providing solutions to the problem instead of whining that they're using a different headset.

  32. I'm perfectly happy with headsets that say HTC, HP, PiMax, etc. on them. It's just one brand in particular that's literally stealing patents from valve (in the early days when Palmer walked away with them out of goodwill from Valve, started Oculus, and immediately sold out to Cuckerberg and his goons), and ruining the industry singlehandedly, then turning around and buying vendors that Valve and Apple were working with closely behind closed doors :)

  33. I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that people are still taking that out on the on other VR enthusiasts.

  34. I just can't believe all that time went by and he never told his mom he didn't go dutchman.

  35. You have to say something coherent to have called it, not just stuck a bunch of words together without grammar.

  36. That on is not coming my friend. Just imagine what they have in store next.

  37. I wonder why not. Surely they could figure out a workaround to reset the ticker and flag that it rolled over. It's not the sort of thing that would trigger very often, and the additional processing would only happen when a save reaches the point to need it. This is one of the few games where it's not super surprising that there are folks out there pushing the limit.

  38. People will live anywhere we manage to plant a habitat. There will be domes in every corner supporting human life. I think moving into space has the potential to rewire us for truly maintaining our environments, the way they talk about the Belters having such a deep respect for environmental systems. Something that will allow us to form a deeper respect for what sustains us, while softening our aggression because maintaining the living environment will make things like guns too dangerous to keep around.

  39. They’re just seeing if the name change generates more clicks and downloads.

  40. The game was a lot better before the developer decided to chase the frickin' dragon.

  41. There is a passage in Persepolis Rising where Naomi talks about the gate network: "They'd been clumped together, the gate-network stars. The two farthest systems were hardly more than a thousand light-years apart. A little more than one percent of the galaxy, and still unthinkably vast." (PR, Ch.52)

  42. I wonder if the two billion odd years since the gates were shut down could account for enough drift that all of the stars could have been within that span. The way it's worded kind of sounds like they're talking about how it was, not how it is.

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