1. “You decide to live by, what you think is wrong and whats right” Isle of Flightless Birds

  2. The first time I was arrested, the deputy said “Spread em”, but I didn’t get in crap position, I bent over and showed him my asshole. Needless to say, Patrick Williams has a lot of upside.

  3. I hope this season they play injury free and even if there are injuries then it should be the short ones. A fully fit Chicago Bulls is exciting to watch.

  4. definitely they are my favorite team have been for 10 years now will be happy if they win a ECF for the first time in like 20 years

  5. what app is this ive been wanting to get into fantasy basketball for awhile now

  6. Do Scav runs with your friend and learn stashes. On shoreline they are very often not looted so even as Scav you can find stuff in it.

  7. my friend had told me that all maps but factory and customs are shit i suggested going shoreline one time he said no the map is shit

  8. Very two weeks you can reset your account on Tarkov Web Page, you will get new starter gear and all, but back to lvl1 too.

  9. Yes, yes you are it really angers me that you’re OK with having your friend go on a nice vacation with you and your husband but you were not OK with your husband bring his autistic brother to have a nice vacation to clear his mind after both of his parents just passed away it seems in the situation that you and your friends are the controllers and you just need to think about what you said in this post and maybe talk to your husband about how you can fix your “anxiety” about being around his autistic brother. it just seems like you’re very rude person of what I just read and I don’t even know how you would think you’re in the right in the situation just because you’re around a person that is disabled it doesn’t give you a right to be anxious I don’t even know why there would be a reason to be anxious their a person not you know an animal that you have to take care of.

  10. For me honestly, I love goner but when im chilling playing minecraft listening to music I wanna hear something nice but with a twenty one pilots hype type feel and truce is that for me. I absolutely love Truce I love the piano and the lyrics are great wouldve been good if josh put some drums into to it not heavy but soft but in a TOP type way alot of symbols but thats my take.

  11. I really love the song definitely underrated to everyone I gotta start listening to it more and I dont know if they even ever played it live

  12. I wish Funko would take these into concideration, but they wont

  13. This is GREAT everytime I get on my pc I listen to this song first I just love how it changed the song almost entirely and the eery ST sound seems like a sound twenty one pilots would use.

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