1. I actually just listened to it in stream. Just after the break at 4 hours in the latest stream. Even though that is true it's still expensive af. I guess I'm just a poor though.

  2. If the plushie in total runs Destiny say $25, except more if he doesn’t sell enough, then getting it for $50 doesn’t seem that unreasonable. It’s a lot to most people probably, but not unheard of for merch, and if you’ve seen the plushie itself, it’s actually pretty big

  3. This is probably the reason why this apparel doesn’t exist too much Why would you ever rep that you have any amount of a currency that is hard to track/trace and easy to transfer without KYC

  4. You want a dozen donuts? That will be $40+tip. Price at store: at least $20 cheaper. That convenience fee is a bitch+

  5. It ain’t cheap and it’s never going to be- you’re paying for doordash’s profit margin, for their website and hosting, for the wear and tear of the car of the delivery person, for the delivery persons time, for the risk that they take in delivering to you (robbery and violence, and car theft) and for the risk of car accidents. And then also for the free or very discounted meals that door dash uses to acquire new customers

  6. Any hodler today will be able to buy a home in 7 years without taking out a loan.

  7. You guys are really so deluded that you think that bitcoin is going to rise the same % gains that it did in the last 7 years? Do you understand market cap at all?

  8. imagine writing all of this out but being too lazy to calculate what number times 0.7 will give you $1k...heres a hint;

  9. What makes 83.33p/566c good area to work with? That’s a lot of time to lock in your capital and volatility to go wrong I think. With that said, if you have an exit plan in place, and the ROIC makes sense to you, why not.

  10. I'd wager that the biggest risk that OP has with a position like this is that tesla will go below 83.33 by then. It's hard to imagine tesla will triple in price in an environment like this in the next year and 2 months

  11. He's probably doing a year instead of 1 or 3 month runs because you can do a much wider strangle - for a 3 month tsla position to return the same as a year, you will have to do much closer strikes as compared to a year.

  12. Disclaimer: I would never suggest meme stocks such as the one COIN is affiliated with. Volatility is good when it comes to selling stocks but such stocks can go from 0-100 in a matter of hours.

  13. COIN isn't really a meme stock - its just a shitty speculative stock truly on the future of crypto more then anything else. It is unlikely to double in a matter of hours in the same type of manner that GME or AMC or BBBY did/can.

  14. People will continue to hate on Tesla and EVs right up until they realize that they are the future- and then some. You can’t convince luddites and a lot of the GOP (not trying to get political but the main thing I’ve noticed from the group of people that I know that also hate on Tesla/me for having the car I have is that they are almost always right leaning) that EVs are simply objectively Better in almost every way

  15. That’s what people need. Is verified evidence.

  16. It’s not evidence at all. Most things in this documentary are debunked already. Including the DMED data.

  17. I know, I agree with you. That’s what I’m saying. This documentary is bullshit.

  18. Be3. Pins the queen to the king and the knight can’t capture because it’s already pinned as well. If the queen takes, then it moves away from the critical defense of qxg2#, checkmate.

  19. That's why planes are tested and tested lots of times. I think they have to pass at 150% of their operating conditions. They can fly with one engine (iirc even 4 engine craft), and can glide for a while with none of them. The pilots are trained for years, and there are backups for backups that come in manually or automatically.

  20. *Kanye wraps up epic 40 minute schizo ramble *

  21. At least the acceleration update exists unlike paying 12K for FSD which may or may not be delivered some day in the future. 😂

  22. People bash the acceleration boost from Tesla costing 2K, but at least that’s a one time payment. Mercedes is selling. $120K car and then asking you to pay $100 a month for acceleration capabilities.

  23. Why are you so cruel to my opening??

  24. I bet he’s a fuckin londn player, and probably on chess.cm too. Fuck him three ways to Sunday

  25. Not sure if I should ask what the addition to black's king is

  26. Yeah and there are a ton of new people in the finances and investing world that have no understanding of how high a return 36% a year is- don’t shame people for not knowing when they’re completely new to all of this

  27. Haven't used an engine in a while or played chess but if mate is forced wouldnt stockfish instead of saying +67 say mate in 8 or so?

  28. There can be forced mates where stock fish hasn’t calculated deep enough to see it (sometimes even can’t)

  29. Guy pulled up to the server room wearing a ski mask (g) and said theres free armor trimming on floor 7

  30. That's the best part of this outage to me. We have a psychological case study on our hands. Look at the range of responses (and emotions) across this subreddit

  31. stinks, but they're doing their due diligence. as long as they at least extend everyone's membership by a day.

  32. this could be great for anyone who had to work long hours just today lmao

  33. Been trading in the same range for a while. Broke down to $22-23 but went up to $28 and now back to $25. Sold 2 $25 puts for next Friday today. Think you’ll be safe.

  34. Replace dagger for whip, you’re already max strength level Grind fighter torso Start practicing for Jad and get a fire cape Imbue berserker ring Buy obsidian legs for that minor strength boost After that start grinding money for all the big boy gear upgrades- prims, torture, basilisk jaw, and hydra leather for gloves

  35. They are already in a downward spiral, and the CEO jumped ship a couple weeks ago. This is exactly the type of big box retail you would expect to go under during a recession.

  36. You would expect them to, but they have a healthy customer base still. Like actually. I've been to a fair different amount of kohls stores in the last couple years and the lines have been quite long many times

  37. None of this matters when retail is committed to die on the hill of holding and not selling GME.

  38. Potentially selling a few 16 Dec 22 GME 22.5/19 spreads for $100 credit each depending on how my post goes. Something something black tar heroin

  39. I was also thinking about opening some positions on GME. godspeed to you sir

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