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How to Deactivate Your Twitter

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. As doc Hudson once said from the movie cars

  2. Man. Being a social media manager has to be so fucking easy, I’m in the wrong field. Sit on my ass all day to randomly do a virtue signal post to earn my company goody points and pretend like we care

  3. It’s a win because america never loses 💪💪🦅🦅

  4. I knew a guy a couple years back (I’m glad I’m not friends with him anymore, he’s an annoying brat)

  5. Oh boy, i bet these comments will be respectful and civil!

  6. What? (I’m not gonna say they are absolutely perfect) but they are not bad at all. Sure they make some mistakes, but they are literally unpaid.

  7. Imagine adding a rule about censoring your own username lmfao

  8. I mean ya, it’s dumb, like I said there not perfect, and I don’t expect them to be. They are unpaid and moderating this sub is just a hobby for them, they Arnt perfectly but certainly not bad. They could be sooo much worse

  9. I really don’t know how to explain this effectively so please bear with me and give me the benefit of the doubt.

  10. God fucking bless, I thought I was the only one that had that same opinion.

  11. Dude. I genuinely don’t even understand the denial about Reddit being left leaning/echo chamber.

  12. 32 countries put all their beefs aside just to let the best of their best athletes peacefully compete with eachother in the most popular sport in history and ALL this fucking redditor gets out of it is 'hehe boobies🤤'

  13. Lol! Are you insinuating that chopping girls clits off, allowing them no rights at all, and stoning them in the streets are all tantamount to being sexually attracted to women? If you really believe that, you must hate yourself.

  14. Kraken, LDR, Bork effectively shred tanks as is. Most ADCs complaining build gale, rfc, IE and wonder why they can’t kill tanks with no pen or %hp damage

  15. “I hate to actually think about my build and actually play the game and not just right click? NO BUFF ADC, ADC IS SO BAD I GET ONE SHOT BY A ZED WHEN I SPLIT PUSH AS ADC AND PUSHED UP TO THE EMEMY TOWER”

  16. Did some more research. Apparently she mad another count and said and I quote

  17. Hm idk… he’s decent at the moment, and could potentially lead at a 3rd division level… but I just feel like he lacks some serious potential… I would trade him for a low cost to get him out of the club asap, he’s just stealing a salary from you

  18. I wonder if any of the main stream subs will pick up on this, or if they will ignore it because it posts Elon in a good light

  19. Jarvis, I’m running low on karma, go post a virtue signaling post

  20. Bro we posting how to deactivate Twitter now? 💀 we ran a little low on karma didn’t we

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