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AITA for refusing to donate my liver to my uncle after he damaged his body saving my life?

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  1. I have bout 180 colours of beetles. You're rocking it 🤘

  2. Id love to have dinner with your gf while we chat about how much weak sauce you are AH

  3. Thank you, happy it gave someone a smile!😃

  4. yes i assumed she let them cause it’s really improbable that she got raped by more than 10 people or that it happened more than 10 times each by a different person. so yes i assume she let it happen because it’s way more probable it happens that way.

  5. How old are you dude im not comfortable talking about sex with children and you've avoided answering

  6. i didn’t avoid answering. i answered under the 1st question you asked how old i was.

  7. I really can't be bothered to go through comments. I'm sure you didnt answer how old you are so this back and forth between us is done. Please don't reply to me again

  8. He was a supposed Dom that was friends with my partner, my partner knew that I'd been interested in being with two Doms at once so floated the idea of this guy. We messaged back and forth a bit, exchanged pictures and did a video chat and he seemed very normal and was fairly attractive so we went ahead and arranged the threesome.

  9. Your bf sounds like a great guy, you tell him that for me 🤟

  10. I prefer oval too on myself, but the squared looks really nice on her. Like you said, what gorgeous hands.

  11. Whats the difference between oval round and almond. Or are they interchangeable descriptives

  12. Think like an actual almond shape. Guess more filed on the sides and smaller tip. I like almond, a shorter stiletto, and even coffin nails. I don’t prefer square shape for me.

  13. So in terms of curve it would go: round oval almond stilleto?

  14. I dont always get wet when I'm aroused. Sometimes I get wet against my desire. Certain triggers tell my body sex is imminent. And also there's no shame in it.

  15. Cmon girl you're pretty. If you glammed up everyone would be saying you're pretty. They don't see real women with nothing added. You shared yourself raw, and yknow what, beautiful. Gorgeous skin, hot bod. I bet your smile is amazing

  16. Well not the English pronunciation of "wee". It is more like "way".

  17. Nah. Back then we would refer to transgender people as it.

  18. You refer to a transgender person as the gender they associate with. You can use they when you arent certain about the gender or they wish to be acknowledged as nonbinary. Can I ask how old you are? Things were different years ago but this is where we're at now

  19. They? It’s only one person? I’m confused. Is he posting for more than one person? I see only 1 pic

  20. Pretty simple concept mate. Its a shame you're confused

  21. If you're talking about the richest 1%, then from the world population you are including everyone making a 6 figure annual income.

  22. Can you edit your post to add the hypothetical that there is no gun but there is a bat. Killing with a gun would be far too easy imo. You need the chance you can still turn back

  23. YTA, Did you really think the Internet would side with you. I hope your husband is as trash as you O you are either stuck with him or have to 😯😧 Divorce!

  24. Yeh nah iys one id rather forget, well tbh I didnt remember cos sleeping pills, then he thought I was his gf. 💯 do NOT recommend

  25. I was tryna explain to someone bout my kinky groups on fb and how you don't private message people, it's not for hookups, it's memes, questions and sharing experiences. Not for wanking ffs

  26. Do you understand if hes looking for a donor he will die soon. You are vain and I cant tell you to do it. I hope you find a very pretty dress for his funeral AH

  27. I always say that you should compliment them on something they've CHOSEN. A shirt, a piece of jewelry, a book they have on them, something. There is no response to "youre pretty" other than "thanks". But if you pick something they've chosen, they're way more likely to have something to say about it

  28. This needs more upvotes 🏅 although I do like a compliment on my eyes, they feel personal to me

  29. Electricity and physics. Ill love it but retain nothing. Like a keen puppy. Quantum physics tho, anyone who tells you they understand that is lying. Is a literal quote from a Quantum theologist

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