1. That's what happens when you try to argue with your Mother ☹️😭

  2. The manga said that Fubuki was just sealing psykos' power in this scene, so they aren't dating at all. if they were actually dating, there wouldn't be any problem tho, who complains about that need to touch some grass.

  3. Stopped playing with amber the moment i got xiangling in abyss, then i was replacing all the other characters as far as i was pulling new characters. The only one here that i use sometimes is traveller because dendro.

  4. I was trying to fight jadeplume terrorshroom for the first time ever but when i entered in the portal and arrived in his location, his arena was empty. Do i need to do any kind of mission ?

  5. It might just be a glitch, when I helped my AR29 friend go through that portal for the first time the jadeplume terrorshroom was there despite the fact that we have never been there before.

  6. Oh ok, so ill restart my game. Thank you!!

  7. This is pretty much what Zhoniin said and that guy has gotten almost every prediction right so far

  8. For real? Now im happy that im not the only one with a crazy theory haha. I gonna check his video out

  9. I think that if this was true, blast and his gang would likely had warped to him and absolutely nuked them all.

  10. Maybe they have something to cover their presence so blast gang wouldn't suspect

  11. I think that idea of gouketsu being the stronges cadre just because orochi was concerned about his absence a little dumb, cuz i think orochi would be conserned the same way if any other cadre was absence rather than goukets

  12. disturbing lack of Beidou tbh, instead we get wide miko 💀

  13. I didnt included beidou cuz i dont think she is old enough to be a mommy ( i dont know her age) although she is hot asfc.... sry

  14. I know how u feel bro. Im AR 50 and just have 1 five star 😂😞

  15. Hory shit it’s live action Armored Gorilla!

  16. CSRC is a planet buster attack while GRB is the most powerful explosive phenomenon in the universe, hundreds of times stronger than a supernova.... so i'd say cosmic garou would stomp.

  17. Legal um br no subreddit, deu mó sorte ksksks

  18. Imagine playing as masterchief? It would be cool if his signature weapon was that plasma sword that the covenant elite uses.

  19. It's not necessarily matter of physical strength. It's more like he violated laws of physics by grabbing and moving space. The border of the portal is just space, there's no matter to grab onto to redirect it.

  20. Dude, so he's touching something intangible as these portals, implies that he could touch even a ghost ? If so ...... Holy sh1t saitama is no joke.

  21. I don't know, I want to believe that jean and Diluc had something in the past, judge me.

  22. Aether is the 8th archon: the hornyness archon

  23. Well, that's the 8th game I heard that will kill genshin. I personally think it is bullshit to argue about wich game is better. Maybe this game will in fact have something better developed than genshin. Mechanics, characters, lore, and then? I actually dont care.

  24. I think spiral garou is enough to beat homelander. Monster garou first form would be overkill

  25. Tatsumaki doesn't got buns, she got the whole damn backery, boy!!!

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