Theory: Murata killed ONE

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  1. I'd say mosquito girl, but im fighting against my hornyness, so i'd choose armored gorilla cuz he seems to be a good friend

  2. It's a nounsense theory dude, dont worry.

  3. In the next chapter they will be able to injure the heroes of their own favorite characters and then gets prepared for a long weekend.

  4. Garou would be in serious screwd up mode

  5. Wait hasn't this exact thing been posted on the sub before?

  6. I think even One himself doesn't knows when he'll realease the next chapter.

  7. Yes, i agree. " proceeds to put a tin foil hat"

  8. Is this the last chapter??? I tot it's just the end of this arc

  9. No, that's just the last chapter of this arc, the manga will continue tho.

  10. I’m guessing maybe the people who died weather that be from sickness or random things while the garou arc was still in the early stages

  11. Nah, fuher is way savage and scarier

  12. I dare you to say that if something like him shows up in front of you at night.

  13. Parceiro, eu sou carioca e nunca falei e não conheço ninguem que fala essa porra. É salgadinho, certeza q isso dai é coisa de sulista q só ta fingindo q n fala isso e ta jogando a bomba no colo do outro.

  14. I don't know why but the video is muted ( to me at least) even it do has sound ....

  15. Pvp doesn't sucks, you sucks in pvp.

  16. Is this at a restaurant or at your girlfriends house or something

  17. Nah, it's just a random pic that i found in the internet lol

  18. Is it your girlfriend if it’s a first date? First date at her place(eehhh), and you’re taking shits??

  19. superpower: being able to remove powerscalers's internet connection.

  20. But you wont be able to use internet anymore after that

  21. Time travel as a conclusion was a shitty idea.

  22. he has a weak point , saitama doesn't , they r not the same

  23. But saitama does have a weak point. 🦟

  24. But he struggled a lot with the strongest of its breed.

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