1. There's an episode of The Golden Girls where Rose tells a story about how there was a pit outside her house, and every day she'd close her eyes and wish the pit would go away. And then over time, the pit got smaller and smaller, until it eventually disappeared.

  2. Maybe I’m stupid but wasn’t it a pimple or a blemish or something?

  3. He went out and got a nice new haircut and here you are laughing at him🙄

  4. Broom about to die, so Chad wanted him to be happy😔

  5. Wheel of fortune- take the situation as it comes at you, roll with the punches a bit, but remember what goes around comes around

  6. Are those swords or wands in the 2nd and 4th position?

  7. My parents were rally drivers from the group b era, though they were mostly Middle East based. They had a lot of crazy stories such as:

  8. Okay that’s cool as shit, your parents sound amazing

  9. My current rates on Rover are $65/night for boarding and $55 for daycare. However, many of my clients are locked into my older rates, so the majority are still paying $50 for boarding and $45 for daycare.

  10. This makes me feel better about my rates. I charge the same thing you do but sometimes worry that I’m not charging enough based on the rates of others in this group

  11. I unironically hate this album and don’t really know why. It’s smug aura just mocks me

  12. Early on w/my hobby farm a rooster attacked my then 2-yo son. My wife shot it in front of all the other animals and hung it in a tree. We've never had an aggressive roo since with some 20+ roos of several different breeds.

  13. I’ve been in shock all day since I heard the news. I really can’t believe it. Such an underrated talent that wrote/sung some of my favorite songs. She’ll be sorely missed❤️

  14. I still say “ooh horsie!” And I’m not even drunk most of the time

  15. I’ll walk into the barn for a lesson and will still delightfully say “ooh hi ponies!” like they’re a surprise or something

  16. Me joining this sub as an American because of my Finnish friend

  17. Gorgeous work! The nails and lips match perfectly, and red was the ideal choice for her dress/top.

  18. Me too haha! I admittedly dress vintage as much as I can but have yet to try to attempt a victory roll. My niche atm is Greta Garbo messy 30s brush out😂

  19. How the HELL did they get it to stay that way? Incredible.

  20. Yesss I was looking for Dots! I considered commenting it myself

  21. Season 9 reunion is the best one, argue with the wall

  22. I think ground driving is so cool, I’ve always wanted to try it

  23. I feel weird sending updates/pictures every day, I usually do it every couple days or so. I don’t want to bother them because they’re out of town for a reason whether business or vacation and the last thing they probably want is to be bombarded by texts from me🙃

  24. She is a Voltaire daughter and went Grand Prix so has had a long working career. She is arthritic in her r front so we take her easy.

  25. I love when hard working ponies get the retirement they deserve, you look lovely on her!

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