1. Have u tried the find fashion sub? I think it could be helpful :)

  2. I've been seeing the kirby theory a lot lately. Like... why??? Motive??? Logic???????

  3. I feel like the tippi thing was actually kind of clever even though it was ridiculous. The grunwald thing just annoys me, because it could have been this great mystery where the girls figure out who pulled alison out. Like, someone, somewhere knows alison alive, and the girls have to find them.

  4. Season 3-4 when spencer was in radley and was having problems with pills. That way if spencer doesnt remember doing something, it could be blamed on the drugs

  5. Wasn’t that a red herring as he was never actually A?

  6. Well yes but its just easier to say that he was A because he wasnt that far from it honestly

  7. I'm surprised that Sydney What's-Her-Face is on this list but Alison isn't.

  8. (I only skip these tracks on Shuffle)

  9. I wish Charlotte stayed in Welby and during season 7 the girls would visit her and we would get to see the human in her. Maybe even try to get answers and get Charlotte to help them. And it would be interesting to see the girls' personal visits with her and what they would talk about.

  10. I love it and its one of the only things that got worn many times in the show

  11. 3 episodes is a lot considering how the girls seemed to have different clothes in every episode.

  12. Have you listened to it? Could you spoil what happened in it? Im not planning on reading it

  13. I think spencer literally suspected almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of her family members. Peter, Melissa, Mary, Alison, Jason, Jessica😭

  14. paige was too obvious and caleb would have been too disappointing. toby was the right choice, still a twist and believable that he would do it to protect spencer and be in the loop since she wouldn’t tell him what was happening

  15. Yeah, I agree. Paige was like the number one suspect at this time and Caleb already betrayed hanna in season 1.

  16. Y’all are sleeping on Alison & Mona. Imagine them pretending to hate each other meanwhile teaming up to take down the liars

  17. I just watched that episode and i thought the same thing😭

  18. OMG YOU JUST UNLOCKED A MEMORY FOR ME! I wonder if that's why i also knew

  19. Yes, sort of. I kind of threw in the towel and said

  20. I think this was confirmed by marlene. There was an animal body inside of it, but because of all the dna that A had of the girls and mona, it probably wasnt that hard to frame the girls

  21. Omg I can’t believe that I have never thought of this before! Alison and chArlotte would be amazing together as ‘A’!!

  22. I would definitely make Alison the mastermind and red coat. Cece as black hoodie.

  23. Why is no one voting for Aria? She destroyed byrons office AND ezra's apartment and also beat up Cece in season 4..

  24. I think I’m biased cuz I JUST rewatched that episode in S7 where

  25. Oh right i completely forgot about that! Hanna is a badass for sure.

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