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  1. Just so you know, there is a Vinyl record for the anime OST 😝

  2. Yeah I know. Ain’t got the money to drop on that, though. I also have no way to play it. It can maybe be for a much later purchase… Maybe.

  3. AMAZING!!! you just gave me inspo to redecorate my shelf lol ive been wanting to get the boxsets for a while now and this convinced me

  4. Lmao “gif” more like the choppiest, shittiest attempt at gifmaking I’ve ever seen.

  5. If you do make it a webtoon, what would you call it?

  6. I usually title last with my works, so I have no title yet…

  7. I mean this is a little …vague. I’d have chosen a different screenshot / moment to represent them. Like, I literally just finished that episode a few hours ago and I had no clue what you were talking about lmao.

  8. It’s literally just prolonged exposure to trauma. It’s more common to be from parents, guardians, and family in general, but it can be from anything that’s, again, repeated traumatic experience. All the things you list absolutely make sense.

  9. No clue who these people are, but that sucks. Hope the one guy recovers and can cope okay.

  10. Kisame should have been Elon Musk, poor guy is getting roped in with transphobes now.

  11. It’s weird how this always happens. I wonder why? People always end up needing to be comforted because they aren’t sure what to do, or get stressed out trying to “help”. It’s so strange…

  12. It's the bottom of buttcheeks, god forbid you should ever take kids to the beach 😱

  13. Swim suits are one thing. Showing off her ass in a public store is

  14. So yeah, that's prudishness if it's just a social value based on location right? She'd be fine at the beach but no we mustn't wear it anywhere else because then she's trash. An ass isn't inherently indecent lmao

  15. No. Anyone anywhere showing that much ass for no reason in a public setting like that is trashy. If someone’s at, like, a club? A bar? Going to an adult area? Go for it.

  16. I'd say for anyone who feels like they need to at least give a heads-up that they didn't edit, the "no beta/editor, we die like ___" meme could function as enough warning. If you don't want to put it in the tags, put it in the summary/initial author's notes, and then don't apologize for lack of editing. Move on.

  17. That’s honestly a pretty good plan. I usually just apologize, but I’m not sorry. Not actually. So I’ll start using the meme, then. 👀 I forget that exists haha.

  18. I think the only situation where I get actively put off by a lack of editing is when it’s clear the author hasn’t even bothered to use a spellcheck. And then I just close the tab. Fanfic is a hobby and I’m not going to begrudge anyone for doing a harmless thing for fun.

  19. That makes sense. No, I definitely scan through and make sure there are as few spelling errors as possible. Google Docs is dumb and doesn’t catch a lot of mistakes for some reason, but AO3’s Rich Text catches them more often than not.

  20. Thankfully I got both for retail as I pre-ordered my Banana Fish figures. Their current prices are...bananas, honestly.

  21. Yeah, I couldn’t afford them as a kid. If I knew how bad the aftermarket was going to be, I would have bought them, though. Would’ve scrounged up every cent.

  22. It is the most insane aftermarket I have seen crop up in such a short time. I've been collecting for 7 years, so this REALLY surprised me.

  23. Haha thanks! One day I’ll post my Banana Fish shelves. I got two full of content. 😂 So many books, so little money. Hopefully, once I have the money saved up, I can buy Ash and Eiji. It’s a really cute figure.

  24. Could it possibly be that the police force has learned from the Floyd murder? Not everything is a racial injustice.

  25. Odd that it’s only with the black cops that they’ve “learned” their lesson. Let’s wait for when five white cops inevitably beat someone to death, see what happens then.

  26. Hats off to you for biting the bullet and getting him! It's his best figure tbh

  27. I’d say best bang for the buck, for sure. Beautifully detailed. I don’t have any regret!

  28. he looks so good, so sad i was broke uni student when po for him opened originally

  29. I was too, felt. I’ve been a fan of BF for a while, now, and when the anime released I was just waiting for merch. …And then they were far out of my kid budget haha.

  30. I just read on MFC that other people had issue with the coat and umbrella too. Bad QC I guess? Kinda like the Levi rerelease that was missing a hole for a peg to fit in. It happens with legit manufacturers sometimes.

  31. Ahhh okay that makes sense. Weird. But glad it’s a normal issue and not a knock-off issue!

  32. I’ve always heard that, if the figurine doesn’t fit correctly, it’s likely a bootleg, amongst other signs of course. The fact that you had to heat and bend it is …odd. But it’s a gorgeous figure and has fantastic detail, so maybe it was just a fault for this one in particular. Congrats, regardless!

  33. Strong-arming my neglectful doctors to give me my medication when they try to stop it. Other doctors at another hospital are the ones that put me on the meds. The doctors here don’t believe it’s a “real medication” that “actually fixes the issue”.

  34. I feel that's the problem with new research. The doctors treat all issues, so they often won't be brushed up on the newest studies and findings. And even if you send them a bunch of solid evidence, they likely don't have time or care enough about you in particular, when they have dozens or hundreds of patients.

  35. They’re horrendous doctors. The institution is notoriously bad but I can’t go anywhere else. Can’t afford it. They have a monopoly in our city.

  36. I had originally written something a bit more aggressive haha. Glad you can vibe with that. It’s the “I’m an adult now, chucklefucks, try me” mood.

  37. I just remember it being illegal for me to work and pay bills as a child, which I found to be frustrating.

  38. Questions that are the equivalent of,” Can I copy your homework? / Yeah, just change the answers a bit.”

  39. The part in between planning and writing where I want to write but I can't make myself do it

  40. I’d personally consider that as “writing” or part of the writing process. The “damn this shit really ain’t gonna write itself is it?” part.

  41. If I could give you an award I would. Alas, I’m broke.

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