1. A “Gentle Leader” will change your world. Put it on the first time on soft ground cause he is going to alligator roll like crazy to get it off. Don’t give up. Go forward. I have a 140 lb Pyrenees who just turned 2 and it has saved my life- he is not fond of it because it makes him eat humble pie but it is way better and WAY more effective. Plus I’m not breaking his neck and causing coughing spells any more. Such peaceful walks in your future!

  2. More algae eating type friends- not sure what your stock is, but my Ottos are the best gentle cleaners on my plants. They also seem to enjoy the brown types of algae that may be in your tank. They don’t scrape grown green algae on glass well but they seem to prevent its build up. Just my observations

  3. Are they new in the tank? My rasboras did this for a week or or so before they settled down

  4. Not at all yet, they don’t bother the Ottos either. All varieties of snails big or small gets devoured by the puffers.

  5. Mine never touched pellets- he did like flakes. He now eats occasional vita bites but lives on a mixture of frozen foods. Mysis, brine, bloodworms, and occasional beef heart. He is doing great and his transformation has been awesome

  6. That sand is really not fine grain enough for them to pass if ingested. I would switch to FINE FINE sand or much bigger gravel that they can’t fit in their mouths.

  7. I was super paranoid about substrate to use- every Lfs I talk to recommended sand. I also have read that sand can be impaction issue. I attempted to dish train but they just push the food all over anyway. I did end up with very fine sand. I feed frozen foods. I have 2 adult ADFS and 2 juveniles. I have had them 3 months with no issues

  8. I just upvoted because I’m guilty as charged. Awareness is the first step… food, language of love. Not helpful to our fish. Today no tank in this house is being fed🤓

  9. I have a very docile betta that lives with 4 ADF’S in a 40 gallon breeder. Also 6 Ottos, 1 mystery and 1 nerite snail. The betta leaves the frogs alone completely ( again he is super docile guy) and the frogs leave him alone except during feeding when Benny goes down to scavenge the frogs sometimes accidentally lunge for his fins. They are just seeing movement and strike. The the frogs just don’t see well. My point is I now have a special feeding routine to keep kids apart for the feeding frenzy. So it is more work than just throwing food in tank and watching

  10. Solid construction up top- all of it really- nice work

  11. Every tank I start will have black substrate moving forward- looks sharp, even with a bit o poo covering it. Still have to fix my first tank. Your tanks looks great!

  12. Ty. He was sold as a Mustard Male- total big box impulse purchase. I believe he is a rose-tail 🤷‍♀️ but I’m def not an expert. He was so tiny when he came home. He was my first fish getting back into aquariums since my niece giving me an empty 10 gallon…. Now he lives in a 40 gallon with 4 ADFs, 6 Ottos, 1 nerite, and 1 mystery snail. I love this fish- he has the most interactive chill attitude. Benny the not so Bad ass

  13. …..I looked back literally just now and it fell off. good lord this poor girl that was ginormous. so you were right???

  14. You and her both should feel better 😂. Rest easy my friend- this betta is lucky to have you

  15. Thank you 💚 Mysis is part of their staple diet, that’s actually what they had Wednesday when this started but she regurgitated a few whole shrimp a couple hours after eating. That’s what really freaked me out because she’d had her head out of the water for a few hours then. It was just weird, not trying to climb out and water parameters were right on. She came down and ate like normal but before/after she was hanging on so her whole head could be out. But after she threw up the shrimp there was no change a day later so now she’s in observation until she starts pooping. 🤞🏼

  16. Thank you for asking, I was actually just going to update. 💚 It’s looking like a trapped air/gas bubble is the issue. She was getting more bloated, but a couple hours ago she got out a BIG bubble and some food bits came up too so I’m hoping that helped and she can get the rest out soon. She’s still not 100% but she’s calmed down some and seems to be resting.

  17. I’m glad to hear it seems to be passing. The more I watch these kids the more I wonder how they survive in the wild. However I think this silly assumption keeps me over feeding. Maybe their silliness is to keep them from eating but every so often in nature. It’s sounds like Miss Martha went dwarf frog big gulp. Im struggling not to keep feeding mine as they seem so desperate. Wishing you all well

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