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  1. Probably just giving you a heads up so you don't have to take multiple trips. I think it's quite nice actually. A lot of places have their own you can load up but some don't so I think it's nice of the customer to recommend.

  2. This is the meanest most effective thing I’ve seen today.

  3. I've seen one where this lady gave her kid only sugar free candy and bakers chocolate to make her not like it. So basically a sweet to her is a carrot, this kid devoured a bowl of broccoli.

  4. Hope so. It's supposed to be 60 seconds of uninterrupted stand up comedy. That poor nervous molested boy didn't deserve a heckle.

  5. I’m sorry. You couldn’t have meant to arrange those words in that particular order. That can’t exist.

  6. I think Smosh did a video a while ago where they had these and weird candy cane flavors like gravy and mushroom.

  7. I wish I knew this a year ago lol. I renewed my ID online last August and it never came in the mail. After doing some research I've come to the conclusion it's because I have unpaid tolls. I used to drive for Lyft so... it's a lot. Should I just say goodbye to the money I spent and order a new one on the .gov website? Idk how long someone can go with unpaid tolls.

  8. you're trying too hard if you wear gucci

  9. I had a guy report some fruit damaged. He took them out of my car and loaded the groceries in his empty U-Haul. They didn't even keep the stuff in the boxes so it was probably just rolling around lol.

  10. You just have to accept the fact that drivers in Miami are never going to follow basic traffic laws. Mainly because they're never enforced so there's nothing to fear.

  11. I was at a 4 way stop and this dude blows a stop sign without even slowing down. Almost hits this woman and he's shaking his hand yelling in the car. All in front of a cop, he just kept driving.

  12. I was shopping in Reno, Nevada last week and they require ID scans a la alcohol. We dont have that in Cali. What a silly waste of time to scan ID for Benadryl. Just some bureaucratic pocket pool.

  13. I lit up support after I had to scan ID for a couple who had covid. Luckily it was a while ago and I'm fine but it's still a wtf moment.

  14. You can always just refund the Benedryl in a situation like that. No need to even get support involved.

  15. When they mentioned canceling the order I was trying to stall to try and get somebody to come to the door. If it came to that I would just hang up and refund. They used to refund the items so you can complete it like even with alcohol but now if nobody's there they just want to cancel the whole order which isn't fair to anyone.

  16. Probably just trying to expand to make more content.

  17. Wow. %5 is too much? The audacity of some people is astounding.

  18. I'm pretty disappointed that Bros was not cast with these two.

  19. Avoid anything abrasive, the paint on those is very easy to damage.

  20. Is the enamel like a protective covering? I really want to get rid of the stain it's so ugly.

  21. I was thinking this the other day watching the Mario kart one, that they might not do more of these because it didn't get enough views.

  22. Community is just toxic. Most of this subreddit is just rants anyway so idk why people get upset when they see it lol.

  23. That's heartbreaking. I saw some other posts where the water was all the way up to the roof. I hope she had a plan C or made it out.

  24. Once upon a time looking up a tag and the address of the owner was a matter of public record. Then the state did away with it claiming it put people in danger. May be true, but it also allows assholes to get away with shit and remain anonymous. My wife has a hit and run years ago. Got the tag. Cops said she could file a police report but what happened was an insurance matter and no they weren't going to go to anyone's home to arrest them.

  25. They absolutely can. I had a lady hit me in a parking lot and drive off. Cops found her at her house and got her info there. It wasn't a bad hit and she was old I'm assuming that's why they didn't arrest her. I didn't want her arrested anyways just her info for insurance.

  26. They don't just give you $10, they cover tips removed without a reason given - up to $10. This tip was only $1 in the first place so they just covered the dollar.

  27. Ohh, of course. Luckily I haven't gone through that so I thought you just got a $10 bump. Sorry that happened to you.

  28. Does this take place in the past/present or a different timeline? I saw the gray suit so I'm assuming it's present day and Logan is in the future. I hope it will be a fun no stakes movie because neither of them can die (yet).

  29. I’m worried about what all the sea life is going to look like. I really hope they aren’t realistic, because that would kill the movie.

  30. It's gonna be the Lion King reboot all over again.

  31. That's what I'm thinking too. I don't get the idea of "realistic equals better." I couldn't care less what the actress / main character looks like but the story of the Little Mermaid I think was definitely more suited for the cartoony style.

  32. They have an opportunity to make it whimsical this is literally what they do lol. So strange the direction they're going.

  33. You look like the guy I just saw on Vice who's eaten nothing but Mac n cheese for 17 years.

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