what stopped you from committing suicide?

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  1. ESH- the serial killer Richard Ramirez only killed people who’s doors were unlocked, if he went up to a house and tried the door, but it was locked, he left because he thought that meant they didn’t want to be killed. Lock your fucking doors

  2. Listen if my girl was repeatedly throwing up while giving me head I would stop her myself. Hell I would stop her after the first damn time. Me (or any guy for that matter) getting head is not more important than you throwing up wtf???

  3. My little brother who lost his mom just like I did, and who would be even more fucked losing me.

  4. My mindset is her having 30yr old her living with decisions made by a 16 yr old.

  5. 30 year old them is 14 years away, sheltering teenagers from the reality of life that they’re going to face and endure anyways is regressive behavior. They will struggle as adults.

  6. Her brain isn't fully developed yet. And I am a grand...wait.. a great-grandfather since last week. It is clear that you do not have her best interest at heart.

  7. The world is moving away from your outdated ideals, which is a good thing. Proof, the amount you’ve been downvoted. Good day

  8. Dude that would be the wildest stadium ever let meatball and aspinal on the card too loudest crowd ever

  9. Is costas hand broken? Anyone see him point to it while looking at his corner?

  10. Can we see them all, first one looks dope

  11. I’ll check how to add pics tomorrow, they’re in the wash right now!

  12. Does your bf have a history of treating women badly? Your brothers anger/concern in finding out you were dating and on how he should treat you, does make me wonder if he knows something you don’t around his sexual history?. I guess it might be why he seems to be protective of you now.

  13. I think the fact that she said their sex before this one incident was the complete opposite of rough, and that her boyfriend now treats her like she’s made of glass, is enough proof to say that he doesn’t abuse women

  14. I think the reason is probably that his best friend is sleeping with and dating his sister, and it makes him insecure and protective. He’s lashing out

  15. What type of self centered bitch feels like she needs to write a book about every one of her sexual partners judging them…. Jesus Christ that might be the most unattractive thing I’ve ever heard about in my entire damn life

  16. Not Ture go to any major city in the US and you'll find homeless worthy of being called slums

  17. My brother in Christ, I’ve driven down skid row in Los Angeles. You are incorrect and delusional. Does not compare to the slums and favelas in south and Central America. You are out of touch with reality

  18. Bless you're heart just because theres worse slums in shit holes countries doesnt mean there isn't one in Oakland but feel free to visit one at night if you feel so brave.

  19. You go spend a week in barrios bajos in Columbia. Man you’re fucking hilarious. “Oakland” these people in South American slums live in raggedy shacks made of scrap metal and brick that are literally falling apart. They have dirt floors. The cartel runs it, the cartel who rip beating hearts out of people to kill them, and skin them alive in front of their families. There’s no infrastructure whatsoever, hardly any plumbing or electrical grid, shit internet. Corrupt cartel cops… you’re comparing that to Oakland, get a reality check buddy

  20. So why tf did she bother to match with you if she was just planning to insult you?

  21. Some people are miserable themselves and feed off trying to hurt others

  22. I recommend going to watch Alan Thralls most recent deadlift tutorial on YouTube. Might be under untamed strength. If you don't have pain, then hammer down I geuss. Ideally you'd get into position based around the bar.

  23. Watching it again a few times I would call this squatting it up. Which, if it comes up, still counts. But the lockout looks more lower back effort than it does glutes.

  24. I think firing the glutes will help, while I didn’t feel any lower back pain, my glutes weren’t “fired” I felt them but not intensely

  25. I’ll give it a watch! Thank you so much for the in depth input, I appreciate it!

  26. Scream out my biggest regrets and demons in my closet. The things I’ve never been able to get off my chest l.

  27. What is single stitch? Why are they special?

  28. Single stitch was stitching used pre 2000’s. Mainly 80’s 90’s so if you’re into vintage shirts like I am. It’s a holy grail. Typically made in USA too

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