1. It’s a texture pack that replaces each pixel of the blocks with other blocks from the game

  2. Do you feel like a man? Or a woman? Deep inside, is one of those a label you strongly identify with?

  3. No, because being a man or a woman is made up social stuff comprised of stereotypes. I don't feel like a man or a woman inside. I acknowledge I was born male, and there's an extremely limited set of behaviors dictated by that. I don't 'feel' like any gender, just my sex.

  4. I looked at this and now have the urge to pee. BRB

  5. Why censor the dog’s eyes? What are you trying to protect and from who?

  6. Why are you trying to get the dogs identity revealed?

  7. Join the fight against America. I’d accept any major change in government at this point tbh

  8. Is being mean to someone online violating their basic human rights ? Or did I miss something?

  9. I like to imagine that the character isn’t saying that, the authors just simping over their own drawing

  10. Yeah, and? Nobody said fossilization = death. That's also literally the plot of Jurassic Bark

  11. Waste your time on Twitter, WHILE crushing Tesla's brand and destroying shareholder value. Some beautiful work by a very stable genius

  12. Honestly, seems like he was just mad at Twitter and is ducking it up on purpose. He’s got better business sense than this

  13. I feel bait and switches can still count to a degree because the comedy behind the bait and switch is a reliance on racial stereotypes. The idea that juxtaposing ethnic behavior and being exemplary leads to humor is in and of itself implying that the typical ethnic behavior isn't good.

  14. I feel like the comedy doesn’t come from the stereotype but from diverting from it

  15. Perhaps, but in order to divert from it you have to play into the stereotype in the first place. Apu might subvert expectations in some ways, but it must first portray him as a stereotype in order to set that up. And that's where I feel somebody might have a point in calling it racist.

  16. All of these are so cruel, though. You'd be able to wish for perfect health for you and everyone you cared about, and hey, poof, suddenly your mother in law and all of her family is healthy, too.

  17. I just go through tons of samples till something really stands out. Looper man is great and free.

  18. Try to copy the leveling, like how loud or quiet each individual element is. Basic plugins are usually fine.

  19. You have to check in to use library computers fam

  20. Make sure that library doesn't have cameras or you don't use your library card to log in cause they can trace that as well if you're not careful. Because to get a library card usually you have to give your name and address and proof of residency at the address and a valid form of identification or parents identification if you're a minor although not the case for every library but you do need to give them your name and address and some form of identification whether that be yours or a patents or guardians although some might accept school IDs if you can prove your address with some mail. Most libraries I've seen make you login using your card so it's a matter of seeing which card was logged in during the specified window the site was viewed and you're caught. It'd take a pretty elaborate scheme to get a good looking fake ID fake piece of mail and all that as well as hide your face from the cameras if the library has them which a fair bit do although not all.

  21. Most libraries in my area don’t require a login to use the browser, I think if you wore a hat and a mask and didn’t park in the parking lot you’d be fine. But that also might make it kinda obvious that it’s someone in your area, if no one else is being suspicious looking at certain pages

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